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Making a creature run continuously and dodge attempts to talk to it

chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
I'd like to have an NPC that keeps running about and away whenever a PC tries to come near. I have this:


The no-interrupt bit made the creature run without stumbling quite so much, but it still halts every few steps, and it's awfully slow. I can boost speed, but how do I give it a smooth continuous running gate? Also this one has a dialogue, and I want the player to have to catch this one before he can talk to it. But, as you all know, when a neutral creature is clicked, even if it's without a dialogue, it stops and turns to face the clicker. Not what I want. I want it to ignore clicking and just keep running about. How to talk to it, then? Well, get very close to it, and then the conversation will start.

I can implement the running-about no-click behavior with a Panic opcode, but the creature isn't panicking as such, just dodging, so I don't want the "Panic" string. Okay, I can prevent that. What next? How to make the creature talk if it's under the effects of this pseudo-panic and its scripts are suppressed? Something has to dispel the effects, I suppose... Perhaps do it with a Cast Spell On Condition and then make it distance-based - if anyone comes close, this creature will get a dispel and then automatically initiate dialogue.

Or is there a less complicated way of doing this?

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