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[EE Keeper v1.0.3.6 - Effects] How does Probability Work ?

MaerdylMaerdyl Member Posts: 15
Issue - no opcodes seem to take into account the Probability parameter

I've been trying to trigger different effects through EEKeeper with varying degrees of probabilities, but no matter the numbers i put in, the effects ALWAYS triggers 100% of the time.

Is there a specific resource to add so the engine is able to take the probability into account ?

I have been checking on effects from kits that have % chance of happening (e.g Wizard Slayer) and i noticed that the Probability parameter wasn't used at all, instead it used what i'd imagine is a script ( SPCL133.SPL for the example cited above ).

I know absolutely nothing about scripting and my knowledge of modding/tweaking the game is limited to fiddling around with EEKeepers basic functions.

I'd like to tweak some characters both for fun and roleplaying purposes, but despite hours of research i haven't been able to learn much helpful information, or at least nothing i could put together to move forward. Could anyone give me a few pointers in the right direction ?

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