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Stories of Ultimate Greed / Evil (Spoilers)

I recently thought while playing BG:EE, how greedy can one get? Was wondering what stories you guys have. Or maybe just something outright evil you did for personal gain in game.

Here's an example on my most recent playthrough:

Place: Nashkel Fair

Person: Vendor who sells you the "Red" and "Violet" potions.

Goal: Get not only my money back, but whatever coin he has on him (Around 400+ gold total)


1) Leave the Merchant be, and be satisfied with looting his two locked chests. (yeah right!)

2) Kill the Merchant - Acquire a rather large loss of Rep (At least 4 points at my current Rep Status) (defeats the purpose with how much it costs to raise rep)

3) Nuclear Option (see below)

The Merchant will not leave the tent under charm... so I can't lure him to his death via an aggressive spawn on the north of the map. I can't charm another target and have it enter (it will not follow). Aggressive spawns WILL follow however.

- Head North

- Find Pack of Kobolds on perimeter of Fair Map

- Kill All But One

- Charm one remaining

- Lead him to tent Entrance (re-charming along the way if necessary)

- Cast Command Spell (Aggressive act that will not kill Kobold but WILL cancel charm spell)

- Kobold awakens and chases me into tent

- Charm Merchant - Welcome to my party!

- Rush Merchant into Kobold, windmilling his arms

- Let Kobold Kill Merchant

- Kill Kobold

- Loot Merchant




  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,134
    Well, I like to have a good pickpocket in the party, or better yet, I build one up just for pickpocketing. I then have them leave the group and stand right outside a good store that allows stealing(for convienience)
    I then proceed to hock EVERYTHING in the game, make THAT money, then steal it all back. I then proceed to sell the stuff AGAIN, that I do not want to keep to a fence. Alora and her rabbit's foot luck bonus makes this practically a done deal with about a buck 30+ or so in PP.

    Hey, this adventuring, defeating my crazy half brother stuff is expensive. My gray druid also needs the funds to replant the mushrooms (esp. the puffball mushrooms, they are my spell components for crying out loud) fungus, n molds and such that all these dadburn adventurin folk do to the underground, what with all that tromping about and killing my charges;).

    I mean lordy, killing the myconids?! They are tending all the best 'shrooms' for crying out loud, and that stuff is rare. My druid is wanting to go on vision quest or something, visits them, and bam, they all dead and the mushroom garden looks like it got hit by some filthy mages fireball spell.

    In BGNPC project, Faldorn keeps tellin me we need to burn all the cities and return things to the hunter-gatherin lifestyle ( I think she has a little Tyler Durden in her). Now THAT would take alot of cash money I'm tellin YOU (plus replanting costs n such).

    Now my Gnome Cleric/Thief of Urdlen , Wormser Moleshadow, was a little different however ,as I crushed or despoiled bout everything >:) (dropped the magic stuff and big gems on dead bodies of those I fought and chucked em all in the swamp, so to speak, so it disappeared). I only kept enough stuff that I could personally use. Low money runs, those were. ;) That's a different kind of greed though, advancing the gods wishes to placate him, so as not to be struck down by the Blind Mole (well, less likely to anyway).

    Ain't roleplaying fun? Well, ya half to after so many runs, don't ya.

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,083
    edited April 2017
    Never used it myself, but isn't there the attack trick to have someone follow you, who would usually not? I.e. charm the vendor, tell him to attack you, leave the tent and he should follow. I've heard it for summons, though.

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