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Storm of Infinite Irresistible Enthropic Magic

VindsvalVindsval Member Posts: 15
Wow, I 've just discovered this one. It's obviously a major exploit wich works both on BGEE and SoD, but not on BG2EE. I'm sorry if it was mentionned before, but I didn't saw anything about that. I would have post it on the bug forum, but it seems the bug forum is no longer available. So on the matter !

You can cast an infinite number of spells provided they're in your spellbook (you'need NOT them to be memorised), and those spells WON'T allow any save.

To reproduce, you need a wild mage.

- Cast minor sequencer and put two nahal reckless dweomer in it.
- Unload the sequencer on yourself and try to cast two times any spell you want.
- Cross the finger in hope nothing nasty happen (chaos shield help here).
- You survived ? Now let the fun begins !
- See your quickbar ? Nahal's submenu didn't disappear.
- Cast any spell you want. It will be cast normally, won't deplete anything in your spellbook and won't allow a save. Though it can be affected by a normal surge (5% per cast).
- See, the nahal's menu didn't disappear. You can cast again with no wait time, courtesy of nahal's hability to bypass the one spell per round limit. Infinite chromatics orbs with no saves, magic missiles, all the magic protection you can get provided you have them in your spellbook, all the disablers you want, stay right in the middle of enemy pack with your infinite instant cast stoneskin ! Put Irenicus to shame :smiley:
- The menu will disappear as soon as you perform an action like attacking, unselecting your character, etc, but you can move. Otherwise, it stays and allows you unlimited casts !

I used this on once for the fun, but it can trivialise most fights, so... bah, to hell with that, I've become DEATH, Destroooooooyyyyyyerr of Worlds !

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