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IWD EE Android (1.4.0) - Not recognizing the party member talking to NPCs + untranslated videos

ZuTheSkunkZuTheSkunk Member Posts: 19
So while playing on the Android version of Icewind Dale EE (Polish language), I noticed a bug that drives me absolutely nuts - namely, regardless of who goes to speak to an NPC, the game ALWAYS assumes that it's the party member with the name that is the earliest alphabetically. So if I have a dude named Baern in my party, then it does not matter who's the current leader of the team or whether I control a single character, the game ALWAYS has my character refer to themselves as Baern and use male verbs.

Another annoying thing I noticed is that despite the game being otherwise fully translated to Polish, the videos remain in English, and don't even show any subtitles despite me selecting them in the options.

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