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Bounty Hunter Level 16+ Query

Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 43
(Mods please move this if this is in wrong place)

I've got a level 11 BH in my party currently, and I'm loving the class.
But one thing annoys me;

16th level: Erects an Otiluke's Resilient Sphere around the target for 7 rounds if a Save vs. Spell is failed
21st level: Mazes the target

I have to admit, I am new to the BH class, but could anyone advise how the level 16/21 traps are superior to the hold one at level 11?

I've completed the game many times on Insane (EDIT: not saying im amazing at the game, I know insane isnt much to judge by but I just mean I'm used to what enemies spawn where etc), and most recently with SCS installed (love that damn mod), and I can think of only a handful of instances where the 16/21 traps are superior to the Level 11.
Thinking about it, the Maze one - ok I can see some uses for that, and I suppose at that level I'll have access to Spike Traps which offset the loss of damage, but still... LEVEL 16. Hate those ones!

Could it be that I'm missing something?


  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 448
    Yep, takes some combatants out. It also allows to allow only a few to follow you to your other trap set nearby. Maze gives the chance to set more traps for their return if no others active combatants near allows trap setting (for ex. another spike trap sitting and waiting for them).
    I actually like the RR BHunter more, as their traps seem to bypass magic resistance and seem more 'realistic'(can that be used in fantasy?) to me for the class.
  • Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 43
    SomeSort said:

    The Resilient Sphere traps kind of bug me, but the Maze traps are great. There are three huge differences between them.

    First, Resilient Sphere traps keep the enemy physically in place, while Maze traps whisk them away, leaving the area clear for you to do more trapping, which presents a great thematic synergy. It's a trap that lets you use more traps! Remember, bounty hunter traps can be thrown, so you can scout ahead until you find a cluster of enemies, sneak back a bit, throw a trap to maze them all away, then set your traps and wait patiently for them to return.

    Second, Resilient Sphere forces a save, while Maze traps don't. Maze traps also bypass magic resistance and spell protections. They're extremely reliable. If you want something gone, it's gone. You know what you're getting, unlike with the Spheres.

    Third, Resilient Sphere takes out everyone for a set length of time. Maze disappears enemies for a length of time based on their intelligence. The smarter they are, the faster they're back. This means if you disable a mixed party with ORS, they're all back and active at the same time. If you disable a mixed party with Maze, usually the squishy mages are first to return free of their burly escorts.

    The net result is that the 16-21 level gap is the worst part of a bounty hunter, IMO. But the maze traps are fantastic. By that point, you don't really need damage from your traps anymore, because you're about to get a bucketful of Spike Traps. So it's cool to have a nice tactical tool to make Spike Trapping easier and more effective.

    Given the general OP nature of traps in the first place, Bounty Hunters are in my opinion the most powerful thief kit, especially if you don't mind a bit of micromanagement.

    Thanks for this bud, really useful post. Hmm... I guess I'll just see how it goes, certainly not looking forward to level 16!
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 2,043
    @Necroscope86 But then your Bounty Hunter can drive!
  • Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 43
    @ThacoBell Love your username btw haha. Think I've decided that I'll just suck it and see with the 16 to 21 slog. I have found a Custom bounty Hunter Kit, that "fixes" the level 16 traps, but I'll see how I feel.
  • NuinNuin Member Posts: 347
    I'd say the idea was that at those levels if you wanted a fireball-like effect you already have powerful spellcasters to do that for you, so the special traps are altered to fit a utility/supportive role.
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 348
    I would suggest to keep trying out the vanilla BH traps this run. I am trying them out now on a BH run and am looking forward to the new tactical options as they will make me play differently than before and give me new challenges. In previous BH runs I used the RR mod.

    On your next BH run perhaps try out the RR bounty hunter kit changes as mentioned by @Zaghoul . They are very flavorful and make traps more mechanical/alchemical in nature instead of magical, but no maze traps, which are the pinnacle of BH power in vanilla IMO. The mod also adds some great thief items, but also changes some of the thief HLAs, e.g. no time stop traps but instead acid traps that do large damage and bypass MR. If you don't like the kit changes you can decide to only install the items.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 448
    edited April 12
    @Aerakar Yep, I did many a run with the original BH. I think I mainly enjoyed the change in the RR version partly just for the sake of change itself. Each kit definitely causes one to change the approach to trapping.

    As an aside I think @Necroscope86 in particular will appreciate this nice thief guide by C. Lee.
    This is one of the best guides to understanding all things thief related I have seen to date. It goes into various things such as the importance of speed factor in a thief's weapon choices, items that make the thief really shine such as the cloak of ND, and most importantly the highly detailed ins and outs of trapping. Especially with regards to the original BH's special trap strategies. A little dated perhaps, but chock full of good thief info, esp. for the aspiring BH.
  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 598
    There is a fourth difference to remember about Maze traps: Enemies who are chasing you will reset and forget about your presence once they reappear. This can make things much easier especially on solo runs. ;)
  • Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 43
    After much deliberation - I've decided to just suck it and see with the level 16 to 21 slog. I looked into the Rogue Rrebalanced Mod in detail but didn't go ahead in the end. Time will tell
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