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Strange lines and jumping squares in modded new locations

Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 30
Is there a remedy for these lines and jumping squares? It occurs in added mod locations.


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,124
    This is a known bug and affects maps which use the old palette-based format for tilesets. It can be (mostly) fixed by converting the map into the new pvrz-based format.

    You can either bug the mod author to fix it, or do it yourself if you know how to use Near Infinity. In this case simply select the respective TIS resource and choose Export... -> as PVRZ-based TIS. If all went well you should have a TIS file and a couple of PVRZ files which you can place into the game's override folder.

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 30
    I tried to follow your quick guide but didn’t succeed yet. I downloaded this Near infinity and exported 10 out of 12 tis files as PVRZ-based tis from “tis” folder in “FishingForTrouble” in game directory. 10 out of 12 because it allows to export files which are 2 up to 7 characters long.
    Anyway, I moved those new PVRZ files to game’s override folder but it didn’t change anything.
    Also, as I was exporting those files I left the default 6 Tiles per row, I don’t know what it means…

    Well, if there is any not super advanced way to fix that problem I will be willing to do my best but I could use some more pointers what to do, it would be greatly appreciated. ;p

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,124
    edited April 2017
    "Fishing for Trouble" is quite a complex mod with lots of new maps. I have counted 121 maps that would have to be converted. It would take some time to do it manually.

    If you're not afraid to use a command line tool I would instead suggest the following option:
    1. Install the mod normally.
    2. Download the tool tile2ee and unpack the binary "tile2ee.exe" from the "bin\win32\x86_64" folder into the game's override folder (use one of the other binaries if you're not running a 64-bit Windows version).
    3. Open a command prompt and change into the override folder of the game (e.g. with cd /d "C:\Beamdog\00783\override" or wherever your game is installed).
    4. Create a subfolder "tis" in the override folder with the command mkdir tis.
    5. Execute the following command to convert the tis files: tile2ee.exe -o tis ys0*.tis
    6. Move all files from the "tis" subfolder into the override folder, accept to overwrite existing files.

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