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Question about Planescape

One thing I've noticed since playing PST so far is that it seems far too easy to aggravate people and basically force a massacre. I'm trying to avoid unnecessary bloodshed but it seems difficult. Just arrived at the Trash Warrens and right as I enter I get into a massive fight and everybody in the area is hostile and I can't help but think of all the dialogue/quests I may have missed out on because I was forced to slaughter everything.

Is this a common thing in Planescape or am I just not careful enough?



  • karl_maulderkarl_maulder Member Posts: 130
    edited April 2017
    Pretty much all encounters with exception of various thugs randomly attacking you, can be avoided thought dialogue. Although you need to pick the right choice, which sometimes requires you to have the right, and high enough a stat!

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  • themazingnessthemazingness Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 307
    edited April 2017
    Thugs are easily aggravated, and if you tick off key figures
    (Bish may be one of them.)
    You will find yourself regularly assaulted in areas under that figure's control. And yes, there are other places this can happen. It shouldn't be game breaking, though it can make for tough situations. Save often in case.

    edit: I originally had this area confused with another, so I had to change my response.

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  • TeflonTeflon Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 517
    Maybe two quotes will help you on this topic.

    "It's not my job to talk people out of killin' themselves." - chief wiggum :p
    "DIE" - The nameless one.

  • Montresor_SPMontresor_SP Member Posts: 1,855
    You can talk your way out of the fights at both the beginning and the end of the Trash Warrens. But just about everybody in-between will be hostile.

    Some ways to circumvent the fights (minor spoilers):

    When you enter the Trash Warrens, tell Anomali that collecting bodies before they are dead is a good way of meeting the Lady.

    At the end, tell Bish that your name is Adahn, and that maybe Pharod's confidence in him isn't as high as he thinks it is.

  • MeyahiMeyahi Member Posts: 137
    Saying that you're Adhan ALWAYS makes you a bit more chaotic though. Be careful if you don't want to be.

  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 353
    Just like any other lie.
    I ended up summoning Adahn while still in Sigil, before leaving for Ravel's maze, while never becoming chaotic, offset by lawful deeds.

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