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Legacy of Bhaal, Watcher's Keep, The Final Seal, Spirit Warrior Trial

Hello everyone,
I'm curious to know if anyone has beaten the mummy at the end of the Spirit Warrior Trial? Since LoB adds *3 amount of HP to enemies and there's no real way of affecting the SW's damage, how can this trial be finished?



  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 842
    That section has always been an issue on enhanced difficulties. Even on insane, if you have a low-HP main, it can be impossible to complete. If you're playing a non-powergamed mage with low CON on core rules and you've gotten some bad HP rolls, you might only have 30 or 40 HP at that point, and the double damage becomes a bridge too far.

    Best solution is probably lowering the difficulty slider for just that section and then setting it back up. Perhaps this is "cheating", but in my opinion cheating is perfectly justified when terrible game design makes progress impossible otherwise.

  • PengyFatwaddlePengyFatwaddle Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, SomeSort

    I would have done this, but in Legacy of Bhaal-mode, it's not possible to change the difficulty slider.

    However, I had no idea that the Spirit Warrior's HP was based on my main. I have, however, imported my level 37 warrior when I came here. So I had immunity from +1 or lower weapons and so on.

    I don't really feel bad about "cheating" in this game. I play for fun but since I have about zero control over the Spirit Warrior, it becomes very tedious. And it takes a while to get to the final battle with the mummy.

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