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[bug] Dorn suddenly can walk only few meters and stops whatever I order him to do.

I went to spellhold dungeon and Dorn is walking a little bit and he breaks his action, whatever I order him to do he gets distracted. Why this bug occurred just now and how to fix it?


  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 483
    Does it happen if Party AI is disabled?

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    edited April 17
    I tried to kill and resurrect him, remove him from the party and take back again but it all doesn't work.

    Edit: Ok, I know what caused that bug. It happens every time Dorn reaches lvl 12. I tested it on few saves from different parts of the game and as I make him lvl 12 through console, the problem occurs. But still don't know how to fix it.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 29
    This definitely sounds like a script incorrectly firing, and constantly performing an action / interrupting Dorn. Interestingly, there are two blocks in Dorn's script that check if he is above level 11.

    IF OR(2) Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",1) Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",3) IfValidForPartyDialogue(Myself) !Dead("ohdterp") // Guardian Terpfen LevelGT(Myself,11) GlobalTimerExpired("OHD_terpfendlg_timer","LOCALS") THEN RESPONSE #100 IncrementGlobal("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",1) Continue() END IF IfValidForPartyDialogue(Myself) !Dead("ohdterp") // Guardian Terpfen LevelGT(Myself,11) OR(2) Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",2) Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",4) THEN RESPONSE #100 Dialogue(Player1) END

    Maybe Dorn is constantly trying to initiate dialog with charname, but failing? I'll look into it.

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    As I am searching for this bug I think it may have something to do with the fact that at lvl 12 he should approach me with his second quest but he doesn’t. (He doesn’t in spellhold dungeon as he progressed to lvl 12 naturally as well as he doesn’t before the departure to Brynnlaw as I give him lvl 12 through console).

    I know that the temple of the radiant heart (his first quest) didn’t change anything after the mass murder he has done, so maybe it has some connection with my current problem?

    I may be wrong but if I understand correctly, he stops walking / any action every few seconds because he wants to approach me with his new quest but for some reason he can’t. Maybe I can force him to do that through some console command?

    Apparently we just got to the same conclusion that he tries to initiate dialog with charename, but now how to force him to actually do that? ;p

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 29
    edited April 17
    The only reason I can gather that explains why he is trying but "failing" to talk to you is that none of his dialog trigger conditions are being met. I've never used Dorn, so I have no idea whats supposed to be what here. It *should* be as simple as to just set the right global/local variable, but I have no idea what the magic name is.

    Do you have any idea what he normally says here? That would help track it down.

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    Unfortunatley not because I have Dorn in my party for the first time.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 29
    I think I might have found the dialog in question that is going haywire (DORNJ State 323), but I can't test this. Could you possibly attach your save game? That would allow me to test / look at the current broken state.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 29
    edited April 17
    This is strange, the second I load up the save Dorn talks to charname. Is this the broken save? If it is, something is different about our environments..

    Edit: I see your running a modded environment, as there are invalid items in your inventory when opening the save in Vanilla. What mods are you running? They might have something to do with this.

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    edited April 17
    Ehm that’s not good. In that case I believe that perhaps some mod blocks the interaction? Related to Dorn I have installed Dorn Romance Expansion
    And maybe mods like Banter Packs or Crossmod Banter Pack also could potentially have an influence
    I don’t know if any other mod could cause this.

    This is a link to my Big World Setup Mod selection file but if you can't view them I can screenshot the list.!AijfnZ3cJQig-3jxz0wLMMh0l7Qc

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    Hmmm could you please confirm with me what the dialog with Dorn was about when you loaded my save game?
    Was it: “Alice. I would have a word with you.
    In private.”
    Then later he says: “My patron, Ur-Gothoz, compels me to act once again.”

    “He demands another death – a paladin of Helm named Terpfen.”

    I had a look through the scripts you included in your previous post and I changed Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",3) to Global("OHD_terpfendlg","GLOBAL",4) and he immediately initiated the above dialogue.
    His walking went to normal after that conversation.

    The another question that remains is if he will wait patiently for me to return from Underdark? For now I am in spellhold dungeon, so it will take long time for me to return.

  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 29
    edited April 18
    The problem is indeed caused by the Dorn Romance Expansion. This mod patches DORN.BCS by extending the top. The weird part is that this mod has hardcoded around half of Dorn's already existing script blocks at the top of its patch file. When the mod pastes this patch file to the top of Dorn's script, it creates a ton of duplicate script blocks, and this is causing some really weird behavior; things are firing TWICE, and this is causing the OHD_terpfendlg to constantly reset itself. Dorn actually isn't trying to talk to you when he is being interrupted, it is him setting a global variable (why they devs designed this to interrupt is still beyond me)

    I've checked a few other scripts edited by this mod, and they all contain duplicate entries. It's pretty strange, and I have no idea what other side affects you will encounter (but I'm sure you will find more). I really don't have an easy fix, as the script files are pretty much butchered. The only way to fix it would be to manually open the scripts and delete the duplicate entries.

    Also, it appears that if you tell Dorn to wait, he will just ask again in 3 days. Though, because of your situation, the variable might become stuck again.

    Edit: And yes, the dialog you mentioned is the correct one.

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 639
    im the author of the mod and i know of this error. it happened to me once but nobody else reported it so i hoped it might be a fluke on my setup. :/ as far as i can tell, the rest of the expansion should proceed as normal (but make backup saves just in case) but i doubt dorn will wait if you are in underdark... try setting terpfen variable to 2 and then tell dorn to talk to you again later, should give you more time :). sorry you had trouble :/

    i can't tell why there are so many duplicates, maybe its because i had to change variables of many talks since i changed their order and numbering to accomodate more content. if any of you have any advice to improve the coding i welcome it! :)

  • Gonzo100100Gonzo100100 Member Posts: 26
    Thank you very much for your help. If it wasn’t for your contribution, I don’t know how long it would take me to get to the right variable to fix the problem and now I’m about to leave Brynnlaw after the battle with Irenicus.
    This bug was the first I encountered with this mod, hopefully it will run properly from now on.

    Yesterday I said I changed the variable from 3 to 4 but I tested also the variable 2 and this one was expanded more (had more options) so I picked that variable for my game. I also tested how long Dorn will wait with his quest being active. I did that on an older savegame in Athkatla for about 40 days and he didn’t rush me but again, the real-time count can be taken into the account here so I’m not sure how valid was that test. Anyway, I’m leaving Brynnlaw now so the only way is to carry on.

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 639
    @Gonzo100100 great news! variable 2 is when the dorn first talks and you can also tell him to wait with his question as well as explore different answers. variable 4 happen if dorn waited and then you are forced to refuse the quest or take it.

    i'm glad to hear things are proceeding well, i think it should be smooth sailing from now on (provided there is no conflict with other mods). i recommend you try and speed up dorn romance (if you already did all the quests in chapter 2) when you finish his quest later on or his bodhi interaction won't work since there is variable in the last talk that confirms commitment.

    i hope you enjoy the mod and and don't forget to post your impressions in the official thread and report if you have any other trouble! :)

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