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[Bug] Neera Interlude

Mods please move this if it's in the wrong place.
I met Neera in the Bridge district, her encounter with the Red Wizards triggered fine.
However, when I left and shes supposed to meet you again mid travel, the game crashed - tested multiple times, always crashed.
I disabled the Neera event in SK and it ran fine again (as you can imagine, as it auto triggered after travelling, I was stuck! So it was specifically that scene)

I'm leaning towards a mod clash, I'm running -
BG2 Tweaks
Rogue Rebalancing
Unfinished Business
Unofficial Item Pack
And some Avatar mods - Moinesse Avatars and a Ranger one.
At first I thought it was Moinesse, as that does change the Elven Female Mage Avatar to basically the same, but just with long hair. However, Neera loaded fine in the Bridge district and it didnt crash then.

Any thoughts folks?

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