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[SPOILERS] Apparent problems with the Silent King

This is my first time replaying PST in years, and I apparently ran into an issue with the Silent King.

Apparently, if you complete both quests to get you released in the Dead Nations (killing the cranium rats and exposing Soego) and ask Hargrimm to speak to the Silent King, he will simply allow you to leave. However, if you activated the direct portal to the Silent King and go in afterwards, it will simply be an empty throne room, and neither Hargrimm or Stale Mary will appear. As such I cannot complete the quest for Many as One without forcing my way in.

Is this supposed to be a feature or a bug?



  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 363
    edited April 2017
    Feature. The only peaceful way of reaching silent king for many-as-one is by having 16 CHA and taking the portal from Mary's and not asking Hargrimm for his permission.

  • o4zloiromano4zloiroman Member Posts: 2
    I just encountered the same problem and I fail to see how this is a feature, or at least how it makes sense. To experience the truth about SK firsthand you have to not be allowed to leave, but allowed to visit him by the Marry? Now I'm missing on the experience of talking to them and learn the truth without consulting with Wiki because I was already granted permission to leave.

  • o4zloiromano4zloiroman Member Posts: 2
    If you, too, have missed out on the scene in the King's Chambers do the following steps:

    1. Download Near Infinity;
    2. In BALDUR.GAM file of the save folder of your choice change the value of a variable DN_PRISONER to 1;
    3. In the same folder remove AR1501.are from contents of a BALDUR.SAV file;
    4. Enter the King's Chambers through the portal. If the portal doesn't work for you anymore — like it didn't for me, — enable debug console and teleport to the King's Chambers using the following command: C:MoveToArea("AR1501");
    5. Optional: Remove the redundant entry journal of Hargrim releasing you from imprisonment in BALDUR.GAM -> Edit tab -> Scroll to the bottom.

    This shouldn't break the flow of the game of the following quests, but, as always, do this at your own peril.

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