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Restore 2.0 tooltip graphic?

PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
It's pretty commonly agreed that the 2.3 scroll tooltip is a step back from the original, but I think I'm one of the few who actually liked the minimalist 2.0 "box" tooltip best. Does anyone have a file to restore that (or a similar) version? Thanks!


  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,369
    edited April 2017
    The tooltip background graphics can be easily changed by modifying or replacing the file "box8.pvrz". Unpack the attached file into the override folder for the original v2.0 background graphics.

    But I fear the tooltip text color is hardcoded and would require patching the game executable. If you have a hex editor and are not afraid to use it you can search for the following sequence of hex values in the game executable:
    30 10 00 00 C1 EE 1F 50 03 F2 E8
    Replace the first three bytes of that sequence ("30 10 00") with "FF FF FF" and save the changes (make a backup beforehand). It will probably only work for the patch version v2.3 of the games.

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  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
    @argent77 - Thank you, that was very helpful :)

  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
    @argent77 Strange - I edited the hex values and dropped in the pvrz, but the resulting tooltip shows a sort of purple/burgundy background instead of the transparent one from 2.0. Could it be that I'm remembering wrong?

    If not, would you happen to know the hex values for the background color, or does that need to be changed in the pvrz file itself? Thanks!

  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,369
    The tooltip layout of the file I attached to my previous post is very similar to the original one from v2.0 as you can see in the screenshots.



    There is a slight color difference though which can be fixed by modifying the background graphics in a graphics editor. Use NI to convert box8.pvrz into a PNG file (Export -> as PNG), modify it to your heart's content, and convert it back with NI's PVRZ converter (Tools -> Convert -> Image to PVRZ).

  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
    It was my memory after all then. Thanks for the instructional – again, really helpful. I finally know how to work on those pvrz files :)

  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,381
    You can also change the tooltip font by renaming any TrueType font to TOOLTIP.TTF and placing it in the Override folder.

    If you want to use the same font as 2.0, you can extract and rename POSTANTI.TTF using NI.

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