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portraits don't show up in BG or BG2 version 2.3

Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,802
I just wanted to start up a new campaign with a modded BGEE version installation. However, the custom portraits don't show up. When I click custom I just see a text explaining where portraits should be put and what size they should be etcetera.

The portraits are there, that's not the problem. I can access them using any BG or BG2 version 1.3 install, be it modded or unmodded.

But any version 2.3 install doesn't see the portraits, neither BGEE or BG2EE, modded or unmodded can access the portraits folder it seems.

I'm running Windows 10 Creator's Update. Strange thing is, when I started a new modded BG2EE campaign a few weeks ago, I had no problem picking the portraits. Now just 2 weeks (and 1 Windows Creator Update) later, I can't assign a portrait to a new character with the same install that gave me no problems 2 weeks ago.

Is Windows causing this problem? Does anyone else experience the same problem? Does anyone know a solution?

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