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Need some help with Shapeshifter :)

MateoFrozenMateoFrozen Member Posts: 80
I need some explanation with shapeshifting. I will ask question based on IWDEE but if i remember correctly the same system(or similar) is in BG but since i was testing DSS mods my BG files may be edited so i stay with IWD.

1:Ok SPCL643 -> Item: Create Magical Weapon [111] and Polymorph into Specific [135] werewodr
this is clear for me, but i have problem with werewodr.cre in [item&spels] [chose item slot] WW have:
L.ring->IMMUNE1 ->Protection: from Melee Weapons->Non-Magical weapons
Weapon 1->S1-12
This two items seems not to work i tested them added really powerfull effects and nothing, so for what reason this two are added to werewodr.cre .What is purpoise of weapon in .cre file when Innate ability use opcode [111]

In BG2 GWW was gainning 25 CON stat
2:Was additional con giving him more HP or regen?

3: Why was this changed in EE

4: Is this change now hardcoded?

4.1: If not what files are responsible for .cre "reading" and is it possible to make SS change Charisma like it changing str and dex.

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