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[spoilers] few questions about Skald {EDIT" Nevermind}

ReibornReiborn Member Posts: 156
Edit: ok weird part bard song is stopping once I go into melee... that sucks. scrap the bard I'll think on something else :expressionless:
Hi everyone,

In the past I did full run of BG2:SOA without the EE when I was kid back at school :)

Never played full run of BG1 at all nor TOB.

So I've got the entire saga EE with SoD etc.

I've read a lot about all the classes and companions etc and decided to go full evil mode.

First attempt I did:
MC > BG Human
Montaron (Xzar died dew to playing with sharp sword... not very safe!)

I basically just went to the FAI to speak with the Druid Widower to be and trigger dorn quest.
zerged to recruit all the companions I wanted and did gnoll fortress.

I gave both montaron and Edwin sling and they were like super machine gun (gave Edwin the 18 dex gauntlets).
Viconia with shield and spells is uber tank for some reason O_O
Dorn and Kagain munch through everything easily.

Then U turn and to high edge to get sleep spell and identify for Edwin.... and.. whoops. Edwin can't Identify.

Made me thinking... when I compromise functionality vs good story why I need 2 BG in my party and went around reading to see which class will be fun to play and interesting as well.
Decided to try a Bard > out of the kits the Skald looked best due to awesome song and full Lore progression.

Now questions,
1. For armor choice I understand that in BGEE my goal is the elven chain from Dorn quest so I can have both armor + casting spells at the same time?
Will it be more beneficial to use mage robes instead with armor spell or something? iirc there should be in BG2 Robe of Vecna or something like that which cause all your spells to be casts faster right?
2. In general Bard spells in BG series works same as Wizard spells right? so in general I want buffing spells of sorts? correct?
3. there is a hotkey or an option to make sure bard song is active whenever possible? Oo


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