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Deck of many things bug (minor spoilers)

Running beta version, no mods.

The DOMT doesn't seeing to be working properly for me. No matter how many bad choices I have had previously, the third choice always gives me one of the choices I am supposed to get when I have only had good outcomes previously.

I have checked the variables and they are fine, BADCARDDRAWN is being set to 1 correctly, and DOMTDRAW is counting up correctly.

It doesn't matter if I change BADCARDDRAWN to 0 or 1, on the third draw it will still never produce a an outcome that I should get from having previously drawn a bad card.

The second draw always works fine, respecting the outcome of the first draw.


  • unkinhead12unkinhead12 Member Posts: 1
    I know this old, but i hate searching bug posts on Google with no answers. So, anyways, the way to fix this bug is to set the global command to 0, and then back to 1. Or just paste these into the console one after the other:



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