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Cloud saves?

TarquinTarquin Member Posts: 40
I bought BG:EE at launch for both Mac and iOS and BG2:EE for iOS. I remember Trent or others talking about cloud saves (and presumably imports between games) since before the first release. I've held off on buying any more games as this really is a killer feature for me.

Even if it's just iCloud for saves/transfers between iOS devices, that would still be a huge deal!

Is there any chance this is ever going to get implemented? I would buy every other Beamdog release instantly if this feature ever materializes...



  • IngenjoerIngenjoer Member Posts: 6
    First off: In BG:EE it's possible to share saves by pressing the Quick Save-button long enough, giving you the option to share the save via AirDrop, Mail etc.
    Now, a full fledged Cloud-save function would be welcome, but until then - could we please get the "Quick Save-export" function available in BG2:EE as well? :smiley:

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,235
    I bought into BG:EE on both Mac and iPad due to the 'cloud saves' feature in the original marketing. However, I bought BG2:EE (and PS:T:EE) only on the Mac, as I did not find the iPad experience as much fun as I expected. Maybe cloud saves would bring the desire to explore the mobile platform back, but in hindsight, I am no longer missing it.

    I do feel a little foolish buying into the marketing for a feature that was not implemented at launch though. Should have learned better after all these years! However, BeamDog were a young company, and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt - still do, as shepherds of one of the greatest computer games series of all time :)

  • IngenjoerIngenjoer Member Posts: 6
    Yes, I think it would make it a lot more attractive to pay up several times for the game if it was possible to utilise Cloud-saves (or at least similar, such as the Quick Save-export implemented in BG:EE, if done for all platforms).

    Since it has been done in BG:EE I don't see that it should be too hard to implement it in the other games as well. More or less feels like a "copy paste" kind of work and even if it's not, at least we know it's doable!

  • kaoskaos Member Posts: 2
    Does the Quick Save export work only as an iOS -> Mac transfer?

    I'm trying to export Mac -> iOS and only finding dated info here with references to save file names and extensions that do not match anything in my save folder.

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