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Looking for a Master

ElysianEchoesElysianEchoes Member Posts: 475
A little kitten limping about, black fur with a white belly, whose tail ends in a white tip, mews softly.

*It's so lonely here, meow. It's been two days since I've seen momma, or had any milk. My siblings don't move anymore, and they feel so cold. I'm starting to feel cold, too. And sleepy. So sleepy, meow.* the above average intelligence kitten contemplates. *Maybe I can find a wizard to take me in? Or a ranger or druid? Momma said she was a familiar, but that I shouldn't meet her master. Oh momma, where are you?*

These words are vocalized as a weak, pained mewling that echoes softly in the waterdeep alley.

*Maybe, if I close my eyes, I can see momma again . . . .*



  • TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 203
    (I swear, I´m so gonan blast this Waterdeep to outer space!) thought the shadowdancer called Amansharillion, being almost too late from the Merry-Go-Around.

    (No wonder the tablet warned of Things-Below, way too far from my league...) Pacing agitatedly, Amansharillion almost fell to his knees while observing the skies with cold-blue steel eyes. ( Shoelaces, you don´t get them so good as they were . ) Lost in thought, he fixed them, pulling too tight and almost ripping the other end to shreds.

    ( A cat! An alley cat [failed panic roll: can´t stealth for some time] ). Amansharillion darted away from the rather cute kitty kat, hell-bent on finding Merry-Go-Round vefore he´d be stranded in Waterdeep again for a day.

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