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Tool for Surface Pro Users

PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
edited May 2017 in General Modding
I've been playing BG/BG2:EE on a Surface Pro 4 for a while and it's always bugged me that the pen's potential goes untapped. I know this will probably only be useful to a small niche of players, but I've created a few mini .exe files so that common BG commands can be mapped to the pen for keyboardless play (Windows 10 only allows store apps, .exe files, or built in commands to be mapped to the pen). You can also do this on your own by creating an Autohotkey script that modifies the F18-F20 functions (so you don't have to map them manually), but it doesn't always guarantee reliability.

There are 3 files in the .zip, which can be assigned to various pen shortcuts in Settings/Devices/Pen & Windows Ink (Anniversary Update and later).

Pause.exe: simply sends the pause (spacebar) command when the mapped pen button is clicked.

Highlight.exe: simulates holding down the TAB button for about 4 seconds, highlighting interactables without having to toggle the option in the UI.

SelectAll0.exe: selects all party members. Must bind "select all" to the "0" key in BG settings. (If you would prefer a different key, the process is extremely simple: download autohotkey, create a script with the text "Send, {X}" where X is the keypress you want to simulate, and compile.)

Note: these are custom, unsigned apps, so you might need to adjust your Windows smartscreen settings to prevent a dialog from popping up. If you find these useful or need help getting them to work (or creating your own), let me know and I'll be glad to help :smile:

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