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Need Help With Saladrex (Solved)

CinquainCinquain Member Posts: 12
Hi everyone, ive been stuck on this fight for a while (probably the hardest fight in the game for me so far). I was just wondering how you guys go about killing him. Im doing this in Chapter 6 with:

PC - Cleric/Ranger 14/13 dual wielding war hammers (+5 Crom Faery +3) (seems to be the only melee character i have that does a small amount of damage)
Minsc - 18 (also dual wielding axes)
Jaheria - Fighter/Druid 14/14 (i have her using a +4 staff but i messed up her proficiencies so shes not very effective imo) (mostly use her for spells/summons)
Imoen - 17 (spells)
Aerie - 14/14 (spells / sling/ wands)
Nalia - 17 (spells)

Been trying to use Summons such as Greater Elemental and Deva that i got from HLA's but they dont seem to do any damage either) (also have the first whirlwind on both pc and minsc but i still find that im not doing any damage even with mages casting breach/pierce.

I can use potions and scrolls to protect from Fire but his melee attacks destroy my entire party. (fighters die in like 5 hits and mages die in like 2-3)
and then i have to deal with panic/fear or knockdowns.

I normally try to open the fight with nalia casting Pierce magic and Imoen using horrid wilting as that seems to do the most damage but i either die shortly after or i can run back to the entrance and try to abuse the Doorway that Saladrex cant go through but i still dont do enough damage with spells even with breach/pierce. i tried casting cloudkill over and over again but that only got him down to like half and then i ran out.

Ive also tried to blind Him but that normally doesnt last long enough to do any real damage either.

This is also my first playthrough so i really have no clue how this is supposed to be done.

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  • Necroscope86Necroscope86 Member Posts: 79
    Hmm do you have Spell Sequencer? Are you playing on SCS?

  • CinquainCinquain Member Posts: 12

    Hmm do you have Spell Sequencer? Are you playing on SCS?

    Im just playing the regular BG2EE, no mods of any kind.

    I also Just found Spell Sequencer on the next floor and Imoen Leveled again so i can now use Planetar or Time Stop i think.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,141
    edited May 2017
    I never, ever melee dragons, always ranged weapons. So I'd suggest that as your start point. Arrows of piercing do a lot of damage to dragons I find once you've got the defences down.

    Spells to use, secret word, breach, lower magic resistance (very important) and you can use more than one casting and keep reducing the MR, Greater Malison, and then if you are feeling fancy and you have landed those lower MR, feeblemind, rigid thinking.
    And doom, get that going (it's slow to cast)

    Remember when you lower the MR, all your spells do more damage, that's why it's so important. So hold back on the actual damage spells until you get that down. And the disabling ones like feeblemind have a better chance of landing.

    Jaheira, insect plague, it disrupts the dragon casting, drives them nuts.

    Use your summons for distraction while you get your spells off, it will be the spells and the missile damage that will kill him.

    Always buff with resist fear and all the other buffs. Oh, and buff your summons as well. Seems obvious but I didn't realise for quite a while how much difference that makes.

  • CinquainCinquain Member Posts: 12
    Thank you guys for the replies, I just killed him :smile:

    I buffed everyone and then had Nalia run over and cast pierce magic on him and then run back to the stairs where i had my Planetar and Greater Elemental fight him. Then i had Jaheira cast Insect plague and Nalia + Aerie keep casting breach/pierce while Imoen casted Horrid Wilting. To my surprise the Planetar really distracted Saladrex (Im glad i ended up leveling on the next floor to unlock that summon), and then i had my Main Character melee him along with a few other mage spells and he went down pretty fast.

    Pretty satisfying after trying to do it for a couple hours earlier not really knowing how to go about it.

    Ty again! I guess Im off to finish Watcher's Keep and Chapter 6 now!

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    My standard for Dragon's:

    Project Image
    Have image cast Stone skin, Prot.Fire/Cold/Acid depending on what dragon, Spell Immunity Abjuration.

    Luck > Improved Alacrity > Lower Resistance 2 or 3 times depending on level > Greater Malison > Skull Traps until Dead (usually 3-5)

    This assumes you have Robe of Vecna and Amulet of Power for the cast speed buff which makes all the spells instant cast so wing buffets do not ruin casts. Costs you 1 7th level slot B)

    Do not under-estimate Luck, it's extremely handy for burst damage events like this. You can use Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, but it's longer cast time so you can be interrupted, if you find you accidentally splash-damage yourself with the Skull Traps then add in a Minor Globe of Invulnerability to the Buffing sequence.

    Against Dragon's taking additional party members into the fray actually makes it harder as it's extremely difficult to protect everyone from their Breath attack type and the Remove Magic that they almost always throw out right at the start to ruin your best laid plans :o

  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    I usually protected one fighter and sent it around to turn the dragon. Protected against breath attacks most of the time if the dragon faced side ways at the very least.

  • HamtserkillerHamtserkiller Member Posts: 1
    My way of killing this monster is Greater Mallison + Sphere of Chaos + waiting untill dragon is transformed to squirell. Than it may be killed with one shot from bow. Squirell, charging at you, casting spells.. It was incredible!!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,666
    Balrog99 wrote: »

    With TOB dragons that have good st it is not easy as with SOA ones, but lowering their st and with enough redundancy it works really well.

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