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The Dorn's ToB quest is still bugged despite v2.0 saying it got fixed.

QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 361
Playing the latest steam version.
Carried on from SoA to ToB with Dorn who double-crossed Azothet and bound her in his sword, keeping Ur-Gothoz as patron and receiving the oh-so-nice mask.

During the ToB random encounter, instead of Ur-Gothoz Azothet pops up in a dialogue. Then entering Lunia Azothet navigates ne again. When discussing the forbidden tree "No valid replies or links" shows up in Dorn's dialogue when he wants to speak in private.

Ok, might be a problem with carrying Dorn from SoA. Start a new game, summon Dorn from spirit of fate (who has bound Ur-Gothoz and has Azothet as patron) -> no valid replies or links just as well.

Fine, EEKeeper it is, I switch the global variables, Ur patron to 0, Azo patron to 1, sword from Azo to Ur, get myself the proper sword. Now Ur is dead but it is him who talks to me in the Tob encounter. WTF? Does it have a broken dialogue AND broken switched patrons/swords? And yes even in this case there was no valid replies and links.

Deleting all ur and azo variables just prevented Dorn from saying anything under the tree.

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