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Party members pushing each other

ElvenbladeElvenblade Member Posts: 21
I can't recall ever seeing any mention of this problem when lurking these forums which is starting to make me think I'm the only one experiencing this. It happens on all the Baldurs gate titles with the newest version. IwD:EE works fine.

Whenever I send 3 or more of my party members to attack an enemy the ones who first reach the enemy and starts attacking them later get pushed further in to the enemies by the other party members who follows. The behavior I'm used to, is that once someone is engaged in combat, they become a solid object unable to be pushed around.

It's quite frustrating, a lower defense character who's meant to stand behind the tanks can easily by mistake get pushed right in to the front line....



  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,292
    sounds like improved pathfinding. this enables more characters to attack rather than be stuck in a collision loop (go right, no, go left, no, go right...). if you want the second row to be effective in melee you must use long reach weapons. some micromanagement may be necessary too

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