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Ultima 4 : Quest for Avatar

TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 203
Since lately I´ve had fond remembrance of some happy-happy joy-joy youth,
I´d like to revisit a game mechanic from 1984 CRPG Ultima 4 : Quest for Avatar.

In basic principle, it had a game mechanic called 9 virtues which the pc had to attain to win the game.

I remember only Humility, god knows why, and I´d love to discuss it and the other virutes in detail.

For example, the Humility "meter" went down if the PC and optional NPC party personnel would slay wild animals in cold blood, or "villains" like orcs and gremlins without mercy, not giving them an option to surrender or flee the battlefield.

I think that to become the Avatar PC had to collect the Virtue Stones from their respectable temples and meditate within the cycles of the twin moons Trammel and Felucca (?)...

Something I´d like to discuss, too, is the opposites of virtues,
I believe they´re called vices, and again I´ll start with Humility.

What is it´s opposite?


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