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Ust Natha bug?

MagodarkMagodark Member Posts: 16
Hi to all!
I think i just lost my saved game and i only use quicksaves (200 days (in-game) lost), let me tell what happened.

I was doing the recover the adalon eggs quest, i got to the point where you need to give the Elder Brain blood or the other 2 itens to the matron to peform the ritual, everythings fine, i gave the blood and then Phaere tells you to meet her at her place.

When i was heading there, one guy stops me at the road and tells me about the magic rope that would protect me from the drow lich and i sundenly got hooked at the quest because i always wanted to duel a lich.

I killed the lich, did the quest, and re-entered the lich tower to loot it, when i was looting Phaere or Solaufein i dont remember exactly who, appeared and that message displayed (You hear a gong .... your disguese bla bla....) i run out of time, but i move on since i dont like that load at every wrong doing, started slashing my way through Ust Natha, got the eggs and headed to leave.

When i got to the exit, a drow quickly appears and tell me that the exit has been blocked and only mother matron can open.

THING is, i cant find her, i walked every place and killed every drow in the city and cant get out!

What can i do? is this the normal thing?


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