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Haaalp! My rogue has no detect illusions!

So I just didn't think to give her any when I made her and I'm to the point in capter 1 where I apparently need to find a hidden door in a crypt. I didn't know it was there and was retreading the same crypts for hours not finding anything to further my quest and I had to look up a walkthrough. So yeah. She has 0 detect illusion. Am I boned? She is my only rogue and I don't know what to do. I don't even know if I can cheat my way through it as I'm on my android tablet and I don't know if cheats are enabled on it. And even if they are all three of my infinity engine games are having this weird bug where they wont accept spaces. When I press the space bar nothing happens. -_- Dunno what to do. Haaaalllp.


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