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Android Versions

thalazanthalazan Member Posts: 4
Hey Beamdog. I absolutely love that you guys overhauled Planescape, one of my favorites!!
I know that you have likely been devoting a vast majority of your manpower to its release but would it be possible for you guys to take a look at BG2, IWD and BG for Android platforms? There is a persistent bug on a LOT of devices (specifically the Samsung 7 and 8 devices as well as Google pixel for me, but it appears the problem exists on all modern flagship phones now). The issue is that they either don't load at all (IWD) or in the popup buttons interfere with the screen (the touch is a half inch to the left of what you actually touch on screen) (BG2). I'm a huge fan of your studio, and I have bought all 3 previous releases on multiple platforms (PC and Android) but I just can't bring myself to purchase any further software if it's going to break a few weeks after release and there is no support. I would even be willing to look into the problem myself and fix it if I could get a copy of the raw code if you don't have the available manpower - I just want to be able to play my favorite games when I'm trapped on a bus for 2 hrs a day!


  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,312
    thalazan said:

    ...(the touch is a half inch to the left of what you actually touch on screen) (BG2)...

    Try hiding the Navigation bar for these games: for instance, on a LG g3:

    settings -> display tab -> home touch buttons -> hide home touch buttons -> select apps to hide Home touch buttons

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