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me questions regarding fighter/mage and party setup.

Hi there

Im going to start a new BG1 EE Game. I already played BG1 back in 1998 and BG2 in 2008.
I have some questions regarding my party before i start a new game, i want a smooth run with a good working party.

- My PC is an fighter/illusionist gnome with 2 points in long swords and dual wilding.
What must have spells/items/skills should i get to make him as powerful as possible?

- Could this party setup work? i heared bows/ranged weapons are realy good in BG1.
PC Fighter/Illusionist gnome: melee damage and later on tank (with the right spells)
Yeslick or Branwen: tank / healer
Imoen: archer, going to dual class her to mage after geting full lock picking skill ( level 4/5?)
Coran: using him mainly as an archer, maybe for lock picking/traps.
Garrick: bard skills and archer
Neera: main nuke-caster , using slings
Most of them are available early on in game when im right.

- Is Imoen still able to use bows after dual classing to thief/mage? Should i dual class her right after she got 2 skill points in bows if i got Coran for lock picking and traps?

If there are other hints/tips and tricks please just feel free to post them :)


  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    For a smooth run?
    I'd recommend single class and no duals.
    Neera, well have a read up on the complications a wild mage can cause.

    Everything is doable, don't get me wrong.
    But, the games pretty hard as it is at low levels, so keep it simple for a first run in a while. A multi class will take a long time to level up with full party. Imoen becomes a mage BG2 no matter what you do but you just loose a good thief. And in SOD, she's not playable.

    Bows rule BG, OP and with a really great selection of arrows. Kivan is available early.

    For what it's worth, that would be my advice.
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