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EE NPCs recruitable after Chapter Two?

I normally try to rescue Imoen as soon as possible, but I'm also hoping not to miss out on any of the newer NPCs and quests involved. I know that I'll have to, at least, rescue Hexxat in Chapter Two or the mysterious girl in the bar will vaporize by the time I return. If I do that much, can I then park Hexxat in the bar, go rescue Imoen, and pick up Hexxat's quests from there? Or will Hexxat also vaporize so that I have to do the complete line in Chapter Two? Do any of the other EE NPCs have recruit/quest requirements that can only be done in Chapter Two?


  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Yes, all of the other EE NPCs can wait until after you've rescued Imoen.

    In my current run, I completed all of Hexxat's SoA questline in Chapter 2 (because every section involves the Graveyard, which is different when you return from rescuing Imoen ... I'm not clear how much this might affect Hexxat's quests, so I didn't take the risk that there might be a problem). If you just do the first part of Hexxat's questline and then park her in the bar until after rescuing Imoen, then I think that ought to work, but I haven't tested to make sure that it actually does work.

    However, I never visited either the Bridge District or Trademeet at all before rescuing Imoen, and therefore hadn't yet even seen Neera or Rasaad, and I'd seen Dorn in the Temple District but not yet spoken to him. I went off to rescue Imoen, then (after returning with Imoen) I rotated each of Rasaad, Neera and Dorn through the party, and successfully completed all of their SoA questlines with no problem.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 311
    @Gallowglass: Thank you. It's been awhile, but I was thinking that the later Hexxat quests were pretty rough for a new party (not that rushing to the Underdark is an easy undertaking). I'm hoping to eventually do Dorn's quests and the Radiant Heart's, but I'll probably have to look up how not to mess that up. Avoiding Dorn won't be too hard, but I'm pretty sure that I'll bump into Neera and, possibly, the monk even before heading to the Underdark. I suppose it might be possible to use the console to fix broken NPCs, but I'd rather not go through that hassle if I can avoid it. Thanks again.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Jidokwon said:

    It's been awhile, but I was thinking that the later Hexxat quests were pretty rough for a new party (not that rushing to the Underdark is an easy undertaking).

    Don't worry, Hexxat's quests aren't too tough for a lower-level party, although it probably depends somewhat upon who is in your party.

    Actually I find the second section (Claw of the Black Leopard) a little tougher for a lower-level party than the third section (Shroud of the Unproved). In the second section you have to fight mindflayers (which is fine if you're appropriately buffed but dangerous if you're not ... summoned Skeleton Warriors are good for this fight!) and the Six Lieutenants (well, that's optional, but surely you want to do it if possible ... I found that laying some traps before triggering them made it easy, but if you've got no-one who can set traps then it could be pretty tricky at lower levels). In the third section, it's actually all quite easy (if you know which buffs are relevant for each fight) unless you want to kill the Four Hakimas at the start of the dungeon, who are really tough but fortunately optional - in my current run, doing this quite early, I chose not to fight them (well, I gave it a go just as an experiment, but rapidly concluded that I'd been right to guess that my low-level party wouldn't be strong enough, so I reloaded and didn't try to fight them ... Bondari, anyone?) From previous runs, I've found that if you do quite a lot in Chapter 2 and then tackle that last section of Hexxat's quest just before rescuing Imoen, then it's feasible (although still not easy) to take down the Four Hakimas.

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