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Helm of the Rock vs. Vhaillor's Helm for Mazzy?

I am in ToB right now, early on, and am debating on whether or not to get Cespenar to assemble the Helm of the Rock for Mazzy. ( She already has Vhaillor's Helm and dashed useful I have found it. My pally is sticking with the Helm of Balduran, no less, a real blast from the past; and Jaheira the Helm of the Noble). What do you thin? I have never got that much use out of the Helm of the Rock


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,650
    Vhaillor's Helm has no passive benefits, so why not use the Helm of the Rock and just switch helms when you want a simmy?

  • AttalusAttalus Member Posts: 156
    Grond0 said:

    Vhaillor's Helm has no passive benefits, so why not use the Helm of the Rock and just switch helms when you want a simmy?

    Well, actually, that is not quite true, as Vhaillor's Helmet decreases your AC one, but otherwise, great point. I just would like to hear somebody say something good about Aura of Command.

  • SomeSortSomeSort Member Posts: 859
    In my opinion, Vhailor's Helm is the most brokenly OP item in the game. But that's mostly if you're abusing it to get unlimited charges of items. Toss a Rod of Resurrection on Mazzy and suddenly you have 10 free full heals every time you pop your clone. Keep a Scroll of Restoration in your quick item slot and the first thing your clone can do every time it's created is remove the level drain effect.

    Even without cheese, though, Vhailor's lets you nearly double your DPS while simultaneously creating an expendable damage sponge. Simulacrum is a good spell for mages, but it's fantastic on fighters who are far less dependent on levels for power.

  • AttalusAttalus Member Posts: 156
    @SomeSort : that's kinda what I thought myself. I don't bother with the cheese you mention, but it is powerful enough on its own. And I still don't understand how to use Aura of Command, I guess.

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