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Siege of Dragonspear Achievement Fixes

badungubadungu Member Posts: 53
edited June 2017 in BG:EE Mods
Had some little private conversation about the "Grim Deeds to Come..." and "You Chose... Poorly" with @JuliusBorisov
Both achievements are currently buggy and I made fixes for both in weidu.

Here some little installation instructions:
1. Get modmerge from here:
For more information about modmerge:
2. extract modmerge in your Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition directory inside your steam library and run it a dialogue pops up and you have to confirm with y (this could take a while
3. download the attached achievement_fixes.rar and extract it to your Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition directory
4. run setup-achievement_fixes.exe (if it's the first time you install a weidu mod, you will be asked on which language the mod should be installed, the mod itself doesn't contain any text currently, but if you want to install other mods choose the one you prefer)
5. follow the instructions on screen

If you don't want to use the weidu mod, you could use the ingame console instead.

For "Grim Deeds to Come..." use the following CLUA Code:

For "You Chose... Poorly":
after you've done that reset it to 20

If any other achievements are buggy please let me know and I have a look into the problem (a savegame, in such a case, would be nice describing the problem... :))



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