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Total Number of Proficiency Points for Multi-Classed Fighter/Mage?

I'm playing this class for the first time and so I've got a pretty technical question, or rather a small doubt. Do Multi-classed Fighter/Mages get proficiency points when their mage class levels up? If Yes, are they able to spend that particular proficiency point in non-mage weapons? I've just seen the wiki telling that multi-classed F/Ms get a max of 12 proficiency points with the level cap. But, with proficiency points with mage level-ups, the number should come somewhere upto 15. I've dual-classed earlier with a F(9)->M, and he got proficiency points with both the fighter and the mage classes. I am confused regarding this, can someone please clear this up?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,282
    As a multiclassed character you only get weapon pps and thac0 when you gain fighter levels(or whichever class that fights better) . However, afaik saving throws do improve from advancing levels in both classes .

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    Dual-Class will gain proficiency points in the currently active class (original before dual, new one after). After dual the available weapons and styles may change depending on what class you dualed to (increase or decrease, depending). Note that you can achieve Grand Mastery if either half is a fighter (and you've regained the class if you dualed from it), even if you dualed to a non-fighter class. Note also that proficiency points spent before the dual will reappear after the original class is regained, but will not be additive - if there is overlap, you retain the most amount spent, regardless of which half you were when you spent the points (the redundant points are effectively lost).

    Multiclass will gain proficiency points from whichever class has the better progression, I believe (always fighter in fighter duals). You can spend points in any weapon allowed to you, but of course you cannot spend more than 2 pips as a multiclass fighter or ranger in any case.

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