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Summon Weapons/Call Weaponry mod?

ARedPianoARedPiano Member Posts: 1
I had hoped the mods which introduce psionics would delve more into creating constructs with the mind (they are still great even so!) so here I am asking if there are mods that introduce a spell/power/ability that give the same effects as

Something that works like:
1. Cast spell
2. Get weapon in inventory/in weapon slots
3. Fades after combat or after a certain number of rounds



  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,698
    My mod has an ability to create a psychic weapon; but it is a psychokinesis power, not psychoportation. Rogue Rebalancing has something similar.

    The old Psionics Unleashed mod may or may not have had something like it - that mod had much more 'magical' psionic abilities. But I'm not sure what its compatibility status is, the author seems to be long gone.

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