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Epic Neera fail!!

famouswolfefamouswolfe Member Posts: 10
Wild, unpredictable, savage. Neera is easily one of the most hilarious characters to have in your party in BG:EE. Especially when one of her spells goes awry and completely de-rails your game lol. **Spoilers ahead** So I just got back from defeating Mulahey in the Nashkel mines. On the way back into town, we got ambushed by an assassin named Nimbul. I had my Charname (barbarian dwarf named Kadrin) rage and charge Nimbul, Imoen use a wand of magic missiles, Branwen casts a zone of silence, and Neera cast magic missile to disrupt the enemy caster. Instead, Neera wild surges and the results are hilarious:

So basically, she got a really (un)lucky wild surge roll which increased her caster level AND had 4 effects, one of which caused cows to rain from the sky that wiped out the entire town (along with herself, the town guard, and several important NPCs like Minsc, Edwin, and Noober).

Having completely annihilated the town of Nashkel and slaughtering *THAT* many innocent NPCs, my reputation IMMEDIATELY plummeted, which caused Branwen and Imoen to leave my party:

Having lost my ENTIRE party along with destroying my reputation, I am forced to reload my game as there's no way I can ever recover from this. All from a simple failed magic missile. Who knew? xD

What's your most epic Neera fail??

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  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,309
    edited July 2017
    The worst thing I had happen was Neera switching genders in the middle of the romance.

    Luckily it wore off. I don't know if another Wild Surge changed it back or if it was only temporary.

    Mild compared to what happened with you.

    I thought Cow only sent one Cow that was centered on either the target or the caster.

    And it didn't even kill Nimbul, bummer.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    I use Neera a lot and the worst thing I've ever had happen was a fireball centered on caster. I usually get the good surges :)
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,360
    Looks like you may have an installation problem there - that wild surge should not be covering the whole map >:).
  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 328
    SomeSort said:

    I thought Cow only sent one Cow that was centered on either the target or the caster.

    Surge #63: Roll 4 more times and use all the effects

    Surge #89: Spell's area of effect becomes 60 foot radius. Single-target spells give their effects to all within a 60 foot radius.
    Surge #87: Cow falls from the sky onto the target for 3d10+3 crushing damage
    (presumably two more surges, besides)

    That's actually a pretty "lucky" roll. Those are some high-value surges. :)
    Yeah except he got different rolls, poly + cow + refreshed spells + no spell effect.
    Grond0 said:

    Looks like you may have an installation problem there - that wild surge should not be covering the whole map >:).

    Yeah same thought, even if he would rolls 60 yards on this it wouldn't reach most of NPCs he killed.

  • ZilberZilber Member Posts: 253
    I hardly ever have interesting wild surges. I must make a whole party of wild mages (in varying dual/multi setups using eekeeper) to experience that.

    I have an idea for my next Icewind Dale run.
  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    I read the title and thought it was a reference to her lame jokes. :#
  • famouswolfefamouswolfe Member Posts: 10
    I just realized, I totally had a Vash the Stampede moment here lol (if you've seen Trigun you'll know what I'm talking about xDDD)
  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 228
    I play no-reloads these days and Neera is a big no-no.

    Learned my lesson the hard way when she had Wild Surge: fireball centered on caster. Party wipeout.
  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,391
    One that I learned recently.

    There's a Wild Surge: Area of Effect.

    It does exactly what it sounds like. It makes the spell an AoE spell. So if you cast Chromatic Orb on one enemy, and you get this surge, it will hit everybody in the area.

    What I didn't realize is it has an effect on AoE spells too. Going back to chromatic orb, specifically, if you you get this effect, it will hit everybody in a 60 ft radius, twice the size of most AoE spells. If you cast say Fireball, it will still increase its area of effect to a 60 ft radius, making a party unfriendly spell party unfriendlier.

    Still haven't seen it in action but I bet it's a sight to behold.
  • famouswolfefamouswolfe Member Posts: 10
    Still can't get over how Neera single-handedly caused me to reload my No Reload run xDDD maybe I should've tried to continue playing lol.
  • PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 262
    I think you're warned by what happens when you meet her never to let her cast a spell, especially if its a nor reload run. If I took her along, I'd just have her use scrolls and wands. Then kick her out once her quest is over.
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