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Is this a bug? (multiplayer menu and permissions)

SunnyShardSunnyShard Member Posts: 3
This is what my menu looks like. It's kind of weird and messy looking. Very different from the classic menu and from Icewind Dale, which is the classic menu. If it's not a bug then is there an option to go back to the classic view? When I watched this video of someone else playing it only a month ago they had the normal classic menu. I don't have this problem in Icewind Dale. Also, as a side question, is it possible to allow other player to grab loot and see your inventory? We activated all of the permissions but the other player could not pick up loot and we could not see each others' inventories.

Sorry I was having an issue with the screenshots so I took a photo instead with a camera.


  • SunnyShardSunnyShard Member Posts: 3
    Sorry I thought I set it to post in the troubleshooting section. It's late lol

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,643
    That's the standard multiplayer UI in BG1/2 EE now - I think Icewind Dale has not yet been patched to the v2 series, which is why the menu is unaltered. I think if you're on Steam there's the possibility to roll back the patch to v1.3, but it's not something I've tried (and you may find that causes other problems with MP).

    The client should be able to pick up items and see the inventory of other characters if permissions are activated (they reset every time you restart the game, e.g. after a crash).

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