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Antimagic broken in SCS?

YingusXiaousYingusXiaous Member Posts: 10
I'm running into some bugs in my SCS install (see also this Gibberlings 3 bug report). The bug is as follows (and occurs on both my macbook pro, and my separate Windows install -- the only slightly sketchy thing I might be doing is that I used the SCS hotfix instead of BW fixpack).

1. One member of my party (also works for Spellhold Irenicus and an Elder Orb in the Underdark) casts spell deflection (or minor spell deflection, spell turning or spell trap).
2. Another member of my party casts secret word (or similar) at the first member.

The bug is that the spell deflection is not removed, there are not console messages about "Spell protections dispelled." and a followup breach fails (Note that I know about the limitations of secret word vs spell trap). Do you guys get this bug too? Can anyone repro it? Is there a reasonable workaround?


  • YingusXiaousYingusXiaous Member Posts: 10
    For posterity (in case anyone else gets this bug):

    The source of the problem is Antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility (I know that the spell no longer works on teammates under these conditions, but it was also failing on hostile enemies).

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,433
    I agree with the poster above. Have the magically protected npc disband and wait there, and then have another member punch them. This will turn them hostile (and they will attack) so you can try anti magic attacks on them to see what works.

    But from what I understand, you can not breach unless you remove Spell Trap. I play Improved Anvil and SCS games and the two are fundemantally different in these aspects, so I may be wrong.

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