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Expanded Hotkeys? (mod?)

jimmyw404jimmyw404 Member Posts: 2
Long time BG player, new EE user here. Is there any possible way to:
1. Increase the hotkey options I can bind (Ex: Bind Ctrl+W, or Num1 etc) beyond what's available in the default game?
3. Any way to bind all the mage / priest spells? Most of the good ones aren't bindable. Grease and burning hands are fine, but I'd love to bind Breach, stoneskin, greater malison, spell thrust etc.

(From my searching #2 is impossible, but maybe there's a mod? )

I'm excited to try the new Legacy of Bhaal mode with SCS, but the game gets really tedious at higher difficulties if you have to navigate a large spellbook. I know you can select spell slots, but 3 isn't enough and you don't get three spells with multi/dual class chars.

Thanks. Really looking forward to playing BG again.


  • jimmyw404jimmyw404 Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2017
    BTW: I made an autohotkey script that might help spell casting. I press a button on my mouse, and the script changes to a given spell casting page. It'd still be nice to be able to cast a given spell with one button press instead of a button press + click, but it's something.

    I have it working in conjunction with my Logitech G600 where the top 6 side buttons are bound to the 6 functions here. I tried using ControlClick to avoid moving the mouse cursor around, but couldn't get it to work. C is my binding for spell casting and 1285, 1170 are the coordinates of the spellbook page right button.

    I have the button 6 side buttons bound to F6->F11, which allows me to activate those spells without moving my cursor. I can press the F1->F5 keys with my left hand on the keyboard.

    SendMode Input

    DebugMode := 0



    Send, Processing %iterations% iterations

    MouseGetPos, LocX, LocY

    Send, C
    Loop, %iterations%
    Sleep, 10
    MouseClick, left, 1285, 1170
    MouseMove, %LocX%, %LocY%

    Numpad0::Send, {F6}
    Insert::Send, {F7}
    Home::Send, {F8}
    PgUp::Send, {F9}
    End::Send, {F10}
    PgDn::Send, {F11}

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