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Damage text not shown if resisted

lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,402
edited July 2017 in Troubleshooting
I have a bg2:ee v. extensively modded. When a damage is done to creature and it resists some part of it, the damage is not shown in the text. IIRC it should show, for example if an attack does 10 damage and the target has %50 resistance to damage type, it should show X did 5 damage to Y (10-5) this is a new engine ability. However something is wrong in my game. I get nothing, no text. If the damage is not resisted, the text is in there normally.

I have custom ui mods, custom fonts, etc. and tons of content+npc mods. However I don't think they should cause this. When I rename my override folder to 'ov' to disable it, it works, when I enter game it is like unmodded, but the problem still persists.

Is there a way to disable this engine addition? I want it to show just 'x did 5 damage to y' but more importantly I want it to show in the dialogue box one way or another. This is annoying and makes the game harder to play.

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