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New Item Names

Google_CalasadeGoogle_Calasade Member Posts: 80
I like a lot of the enhancements and feel BG2EE was more than worth the price, but these changed item names are really throwing me for a loop. What was the point of renaming most special items??? Anyway, is there a list somewhere which lists what X is now?


  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    Hi @Google_Calasade ,

    those names were always in the game, just not used for items' tooltip. When the change was made (IIRC before BG:EE was released in 2012) a poll was run on these forums to check whether the majority were in favor or against. As the majority voted in favor of keeping the change, it was kept.

    The point was to have tool tips carry each unique item's name, rather than a description (since descriptions can be had by right-clicking the items.) Appreciate this is not everybody's cup of tea. I too have changes I dislike in the EEs.
  • Google_CalasadeGoogle_Calasade Member Posts: 80
    edited July 2017

    Thank you for the explanation. :) Yeah, I'd not have voted in favor for the change, but ah well, no game is perfect, and that change certainly won't keep me from enjoying BG 2, probably the best and most enjoyable cRPG I've played.

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