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[Kit Mod] Undead Tricker (Thief Kit for IWDEE, EET, BGEE and BG2EE)

RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
edited July 2017 in General Modding

Sometimes called heroes, sometimes called crazies. These thieves make a living by entering places that most people would run away from. Often hired to retrieve artifacts and family heirlooms the Undead Tricker is an expert in evading the undead and breaking into their lair having developed special techniques to do so.


- At level 3 gains the ability Evade Death. Gains another use at levels 10 and 17.
- At level 2 gains the ability Holy Trap. Gains another use every six levels.
- +10% to Find Traps and Open Locks.
- At level 1 gains the Trick ability.


The Tricker knows how to outsmart PRO_HISHER opponents and takes advantage in a fight (or flee). Starting at level 1 PRO_HESHE receives a +1 bonus to AC, all saves, physical damage resistance, to hit, critical hit chance and damage delivered.


"When things go bad stay low and get out quick". That's the first commandment a Tricker will learn while being trained. When this ability is used the Tricker gets under the effect of the spell Sanctuary and movement speed is doubled. The effects last for 5 rounds.


Mostly used to cover PRO_HISHER way out of a tomb or den, this trap is a mix of acid and holy water. Any enemy that triggers the trap receives 3d8 points of acid damage and undead receives further 3d8 points of magic damage due to the holy water (no save for both effects). It is said that this trap's name is a bad taste joke, but no Tricker ever confirmed or denied it.


- May only distribute 20 skill points per level among thieving skills.
- Requires at least 12 Intelligence.
- May not be of Evil alignment.
- May not use Pick Pockets.
- Can't wear armor


You can always download the latest version on this link.

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Another one to join the "I Hate Undead" crew.

I want to make three more kits (for Fighter, Bard and Druid) before releasing the kitpack. These three kits probably won't have a stand-alone release, as the community is not showing much interest and I don't want to pollute the forum.

Anyway, enjoy and if you find any bug/grammar errors/spelling mistakes/typos, please let me know.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716

    That's a good point.

    I thought about the save vs. Death but:

    1) The Predator already have this

    2) Rogues saves vs. Death are low anyway

    Besides that, I wanted something a little strong to compensate the armor loss. Passive immunities would be too strong, Protection From Evil/Bless are way no-roguish.

    The "no-armor" feature was the first thing I thought when sketching this kit, so it is important to me.

    Anyway, I'm open to other suggestions :)

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  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,188
    Says awhile back, "no plans for a thief kit".

    Mmm hmm, and look what we have here... ;) .
    You weren't kiddin about the time spent with the Ravenloft setting.
    Tis no pollution at all. This is really getting to be an inventive and all-round group of kits to choose from in all the base classes. :)

    Seems like the 'no armor' penalty will keep one extra careful and sneaky like around the undead. The Evade Death is a nice touch to go with that same idea. With a C/T, I always think very highly of Sanctuary combined with boots of speed.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    edited July 2017
    @Zaghoul I had no plans back there. This kit was made in a couple of hours. An idea while I was showering and here it is. My plan was to make a Druid kit, but I'm having a block.

    @subtledoctor I'm using this thread as a parameter for Luck. I would love to learn about the aura of bad luck but my idea is to use it in the bard kit.

    I confess that I'm not entirely comfortable with the Luck feature (like I wasn't with the Casting Speed from the Slayer and ended up cutting it).

    I'll take your concept and change it for the "Trick" feature: +1 AC, +1 all saves, -1 physical damage taken, +1 Thac0, +1 critical chance (I'll see how I can do this), +1 damage delivered. Seems good to me.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    v1.1 is up with the Trick ability. See the first post for details.

    Thanks @subtledoctor for cooking this idea with me.

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