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Jaheira in the whole saga

Hello folks,

I want to know how do you play with Jaheira in bg1 and 2. I like the character especially in bg2 (not so much in bg1 and you have play with Khalid too).

In bg1 first, the easiest choice must be, with a sling and using heal or some pointless low levels Druid magic :) (before level 4?). But there are some clubs in bg1 not very powerful ok but, there are for Jaheira? Who else? When I take Jaheira with me, I always give to her the 3 tomes of wisdom, and often give to her the cons tome and the dex tome, so she is a beast in bg2.
She don't have the strength for dual clubs in bg1 but can she tank? Not in the first levels of course but mid-game-bg1 ? I like the idea!

In bg2, front line, tank with a shield early SoA then dual clubs or with belm! But I guess you can use her like a caster with slings or dagger?

And you how do you use her?


  • QuickbladeQuickblade Member Posts: 957
    One of BG1 Drizzt's scimitars?
  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,985
    I see Jaheira in an adaptable, flexible role. How I use her depends on th rest of my party, rally. She can be a decent if not great tank (particularly when she gets iron skins in BG2, plus her better stats). She is a decent healer, though I prefer Branwen in that role due to cleric spells being better. She can use slings or darts mostly, though arrows are better n BG1. With a returning throwing daggers like Flametooth in BG2 she's great.

    She isn't ideal; no NPC is. In BG1 she needs more of the prime equipment than she does in BG2, and by the time you hit Chapter 3 in BG2, her being a dual-classed Druid means her levels will raise very very slowly. Still, I take her regularly if not usually. And her quest in BG2 is one of my favorites, romance or not.
  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 131
    edited July 2017
    Oh yeah! I forgot those scimitars! I'm too good for killing the guy! But yeah I agree, there are the best weapons for a tanking Jaheira.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    I usually go 1 of 2 routes with her depending on my party. Ankheg plate and a large shield, plus buffing with her own magic makes her a solid tank. Or if I plan on using another NPC to tank, I have her as a second line fighter with a quarterstaff. When I reach end game BG2 or ToB, I have her hang back with a sling and rain insect death down upon my enemies.
  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,985
    She can also use darts, and I consider darts underrated when dealing with spellcasters, particularly the poisoned darts. A healer who can specialize in darts is a nice combo.
  • SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 131
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    I always feel under-use her when she stay at the second line with sling, dagger or dart! Especially when I don't change her kit.
    Sometimes I can't resist and make her an avenger :)
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    tbone1 said:

    She can also use darts, and I consider darts underrated when dealing with spellcasters, particularly the poisoned darts. A healer who can specialize in darts is a nice combo.

    Those stun darts are pretty lethal to anybody w/3 saves forced potentially.
  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
    edited August 2017
    BG1= club and sling with shield and full plate.
    BG2= staff and sling with magic protection and full plate.

    In BG1 I usually use a club and a shield since she already has two pips in clubs and she doesn't have access to any magical protections yet so the shield helps. I usually add a second pip to her sling ability since she already has one and so that long range is taken care of. I then put her last pip in staff since she already has one to begin with. This way you don't waste any of her pips and you don't have to spend two or three of them on dual wielding plus two more on scimitars. That would take a long time to develop.

    In SOD I give her a pip in two handed weapons. That way when you start BG2 she has specialization in staff and proficiency in two handed weapons. The staff of the rynn is the first +4 weapon in the game and you can buy it from Ribald as soon as you get the money. Magic users who are always in the back hardly ever use the damage of a two hander to it's fullest and it feels like wasted potential sometimes. It's nice because Jaheira has the fighting ability to put the true potential of a two handed staff to use and by the time you get to BG2 her Armor of Faith is building and you have access to her Iron skins so you don't need the shield anymore. You could however, still equip a shield like reflection shield +1 from spellhold and it would still reflect enemy missiles back at them when Jahiera is using her sling from long range. I would buy the +5 sling from the bonus merchant in the copper coronet, also available right from the start of SOA. It will hit anything in the game and makes it's own ammunition.

    One weapon that is often overlooked is the (Staff of the Woodlands +4). It gives a massive +3 Armor class boost while providing a +4 thaco boost and does a solid 1D6+4 damage while providing a +2 boost to saving throws. But that's not all! It also allows you to cast barkskin, enhanced charm animal, and summon a shambling mound which can be pretty useful, especially in LOB mode where summons get extra HP. This staff is for druids only and Jahiera's Multi class fighter ability boosts it's potency even further.

    By the time you are in TOB you should have 25% damage reduction from armor of faith and another 40% damage reduction from your HLA ability (hardiness) and many iron skins. I usually give up the staff of the woodlands and replace it with the staff of the RAM+6 when I get the materials together for a full upgrade on it. The staff of the Ram is the most powerful weapon in the game other than FOA and unlike FOA it can be used with improved haste. Of course staying with the staff of the woodlands would not be a bad choice either. They are both good weapons that will hit anything in the entire series.

    I find that the staff of the RAM with 6 APR is similar to dual wielding a speed weapon with spectral brand at 9APR because the off hand speed weapon will not hit once you are in TOB. So it's 7 hits with spectral brand vs 6 hits with the staff of RAM. Damage output is pretty close and with Greater whirlwind the staff of the RAM does more damage. The great thing about this is your proficiency progression is simple and finished before BG2 even starts and fantastic, capable staffs have you covered all the way through BG2 and TOB. Don't forget the staff of power that has limited uses for those times when you need a little extra damage during SOA.

    If my main character has thief abilities the staff of the RAM is a consideration for that character but I will usually dual wield crom faeyr and scarlet ninjato speed weapon. With scimitar already specialized with that combo, I will usually use spectral brand as my backstab weapon on my character. So the staff of the RAM is usually not being used by anyone despite it's backstab ability. Backstabbing with a staff is silly in my opinion and you are going to do a lot more damage with 8 crom fraeyr hits and 2 scarlet hits. If I switch to spectral brand it will do 8 backstabs that are amplified beyond what the staff of the RAM could do using assassination and critical strike HLA's with such an high APR ( 8 X5 backstabs vs 7) plus two attacks with the off hand weapon that will hit. When not backstabbing you will do more damage with crom fraeyr despite it doing less damage than the staff of the RAM since it grants a 14 point strength damage bonus per hit. So, for me I choose to utilize the staff of the RAM with Jahiera even if my main character is a fighter/thief or fighter/ mage/ thief.

    That's how I utilize her.

    Shiste this is getting long but I will throw in some spells that I find useful as well.

    Level 1:

    Doom- (surprisingly useful in LOB mode. softens up the enemy.)
    Armor of Faith- Not great at low levels but turns into a beast at high levels (25% physical damage reduction.)
    Bless- Minor buff when you have more level one spell slots than you need.
    Entangle- Level one AOE spell (not as useful in LOB mode but still helps sometimes.) ok until level 2 AOE's are unlocked.

    Level 2:
    Slow poison- don't have to waste as much money on antidotes.
    Draw upon holy might- Can come in handy if you have the spare slots

    Level 3:
    Summon insects- pretty good spell disrupter
    Animate dead- good against spell casters
    Cure medium wounds-

    Level 4:

    Call woodland beings- good help that will confuse enemies and can be used for massive extra healing powers.
    Defensive harmony- nice buff to whole party
    cure serious wounds-
    Negative plane protection- great against vampires.

    Level 5:

    Chaotic commands- big help against mind flayers.
    Cure critical wounds-
    Insect plague- very useful. Extreamly useful in the vanilla game.
    Iron skins- must have protection
    True seeing- can come in handy if you mages are low on slots

    Level 6:

    Conjure fire elemental- Very nice summon
    blade barrier- If you are wading into large groups of enemies.

    Level 7:

    Pretty much everything and the HLA abilities are monstrously powerful. When she has her big unlock in TOB it's like Christmas. Jahiera also has the best written romance and it ends with a powerful item unlock which just rounds out what I consider to be one of the best characters in the game.

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