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Baeloth Spawn

KennisKennis Member Posts: 123
So...has anyone made a mod that spawns a joinable Baeloth? Spawning Kagain for SoD was the best thing ever for that game.


  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
    Just spawning Baeloth would be simple enough but without adding any content for him there is hardly a point in that. You could just as well create your own version of Baeloth as additional starting party member.

    I actually thought about making a Baeloth BG2 mod myself a while back.
    You'd encounter him in the Copper Coronet where he is forced to fight as a slave (he has a collar limiting his use of magic). To get him you'll have to free him with the other slaves, thus giving "evil" parties a decent reason to actually do that quest.

    What Baeloth forgot to mention before his release is that he wasn't just an innocent victim. He was actually allied with Lethian and running the fighting pit, until he tried to take over or Lethian and Captain Haegan had enough of his antics and imprisoned him. Haegan still has the key to his collar so evil parties have again a reason do follow-up quest as well.

    Sounds like a decent mod to me but alas, I hate coding weiDU and I'm a terrible writer so I'll probably never make that mod. :disappointed:

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 2,272
    Sounds good, my CN Dragon Disciple can finally have Baeloth as a companion for the entire series.

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