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Request on how to remove the spell failure concentration check

DargouDargou Member Posts: 1
I believe that EE brought a new concentration check to whether or not you fail spellcasting

Taken from the release notes:
Spellcasting Failure
The way that spellcasters fail after taking damage has
been externalized to CONCENTR.2da. By default, any
damage a spellcaster takes will cause them to fail their
0 Any damage
1 (1d20 + luck) vs. (spell level + damage taken)
2 (1d20 + Concentration ) vs. (15 + spell level)
Note from the Developers: This is inspired by a feature
from ToBEx. Be aware that Baldur's Gate games have
no Concentration skill; using that option will use a basic
1d20+luck formula for the caster's check.

I thought any damage taken in the original BG2 resulted in failure, is there any way to change the behaviour to back to the original?

Thank you


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