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Trying to remember an old card game

JoenSoJoenSo Member Posts: 904
I have these vague memories of a card game I briefly had as a child. My family picked it up on a petrol station or something like that and we lost it soon after. I have never seen it again. But I realized that someone on these boards might recognize it.

The game must have been released before 1993. Probably earlier. It was space themed, with each card showing an alien species and its home planet. Every card had stats, like intelligence of the aliens or length of days/years of the planet. The only aliens I remember were some crocodile-like species and giant floating brains whose intelligence stats were somewhere in the thousands. I'm guessing the rules were similar to other creature games of the time, like the mini boglins game.

Does this sound familiar? It would be interesting to see this game again. When I'm not, you know, six years old anymore...

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