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SCS Speedrun?

On Youtube and google I didn't find out if anybody ever did a speedrun with SCS installed (and the improved final battles as well as precast spells and better AI/creatures).
I also don't know if an SCS speedrun would be much more interesting than a normal speedrun, since you'd have to cheese around many components that make SCS what it is and still wouldn't come remotely close to the times achieved in normal speedruns, since the Sarevok fight is quite a pain time wise.
On easy difficulty you'd at least have +6 luck which makes fireball/wands/necklace quite deadly.

As a character I tested barbarian which is doing quite well with longbow and his inherent movespeed.
You can easily threeshot the enemy with the deadshot on easy difficulty and even the comp bow +1 you can buy in Beregost is quite deadly.


  • ArctodusArctodus Member Posts: 996
    I saw a guy speedrun the vanilla BG1 recently. Here it is. He was using a Blade for his Offensive spin, which greatly increase his movement rate. I think it's a good choice, considering the flexibility of the class. Here's also BG2, where he used an Invoker.

    From what I can gather, speedruns usually are made on vanilla games, if only for objective comparison between runners. Mods in general (and rightly so with SCS) have too many variables to allow that. With mods, your time will probably not be ''official'' by the speedrun community. That said, I'd like to see someone speedrun SCS. Depend on what you want to do.

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 588
    Thanks for sharing that @Arctodus .
    Yeah ik there's plenty of speedruns on vanilla some even with heavy bug abuse and beating the game in 13 mins or smth.
    I wouldn't want to compare my time with those, would be impossible with the final battle anyway.
    (lol @ the Trap cheese against Sarevok)

    I don't think the blade is much better than the barbarian not for the offensive spin anyway because you have to spam rest and do area transitions or loadspam on fail.
    One thing is to be said for the blade tho and that is the wand of monster summoning, no idea how the palace ambush works without that or confusio scroll, charming the mage with Algernon's might take too long for a speedrun even with resting.
    (the longbow seems to shred thru enemies on easy tho, I have seen other speedruns on easy is there some kind of rule you need to play on core?)
    Bhaal horror might be a very good option tho to keep Lila alive.

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 588
    Bhaal Horror does indeed work outside of LoB, without reloading and 2 casts both Assassin and Mage got panicked, I bet if you reload spam you can panic all of them.
    Also the flaming fist just shred thru the doppelgangers on easy (this would be exactly the same on normal I assume unless they count as in party somehow they don't get +6 luck).

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 588
    The final fight with Sarevok took me 20+ minutes and I think that alone will never make this look like a speedrun.
    I also don't think there is much room to improve on this.
    Djarmid is the big problem here, due to his PfM.
    Unlike on LoB I actually had "the balls" to shoot dispel arrows on every single enemy, before going invis in the southeast corner.
    This didn't really do that much but also didn't waste more than seconds.
    After luring everybody but Angelo out of sight I kept dispelling him until he ran out of buffs, than kited him to death with regular arrows (I had 40k gold and was still to cheap to buy Acid Arrows lol) and killed his skeleton.
    Now using out of LoS Necklace of Fireball quickly showed me why even on easy with max dicerolls on the damage thru luck this would take way too long on ScS, everybody died but Djarmid was immune.
    Waiting for the scroll to wear of would take longer than kiting Sarevok while killing Djarmid so I resolved to kiting (I used PFU to not get harrassed by the rest of the skeletons).
    Doing this I also took damage from Djarmid but easy difficulty caps his damage at 7 on non crits so normal healing pots are enough but I somehow couldn't kite Sarevok and shoot at Djarmid without pausing so I wasted quite some time on this.
    (He died with his PFM still active).
    Sarevok was easy ofc the same routine as on LoB but much quicker.
    He hit me once while Djarmid was still alive for pitiful 11 damage.

    With practice the whole run should be doable in 50-60 mins, but I couldn't do it in one go and didn't take my time.

    Probably way too long for people interested in speed runs, when the final fight takes almost as long as other peoples full run.

    (and idek why the 30 mins guy wasted time in a lot of instances like not skipping cutscenes, but who am I to talk I could never manage my inventory as quickly as he. :D)

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