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Problem with Watcher's Keep Level 1 - priest's door won't open with wardstones

On Watcher's Keep Level 1, I have the two wardstones (PLOT01K and PLOT01J) in my inventory but can't get the door to the priest's room to open. I'm sure it worked previously, because I remember talking to the priest and giving him the slippers, but the priest's room is blacked out on the map and I still have the slippers in my inventory so I guess I didn't save after that for some reason. When I try to do the ritual at the altar, it says I need to know the page number (which I get from the priest). Am I missing something obvious or should the door just open if I have those two items in my inventory?

If it is a bug and I'm not just being stupid, does anyone know if there's a variable on Shadowkeeper I can tweak or some other way to progress?

Thanks for any help.


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