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just returning after a year off..aaannnd

seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 120
edited August 2017 in General Modding
I started a new game in my old, heavily modded BG2ee installation. No issues for a while, then, after recruiting Neera, began to see massive dialog issues.

I've tried reinstalling my base 30+ mods with fresh installations and the dialog mess is even worse...this is with beamdog versions that don't need modmerge.

I vaguely saw something about a new patch update and some new opcodes.

I'm just wondering did the last patch break existing mod installs or move dialog.tlk?


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  • seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 120
    I'm not sure how to look at my last game version? Do you mean look at on old save game and see if thier is a version level?

    The current messed up installation is

    If I look into overides, it looks like my last mods were made 1/22/17 and 12/03/16. That would be the last time I played.

  • seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 120
    A little more data. I'm playing BG2EE in party mode, with 3 of my own pre-mades. My others are Viconia, Dorn and Korgan. There is (unfortunately) the romance ongoing with Vic and running scared from the big bi half-orc. I then removed one of my pre-mades to recruit Neera. Her dialog almost immediately starting having intermittent issues (giving Vics romance dialog instead of her own) and went totally haywire during the thieves guild quest when introduced to Edwin and she had an interjection.

    I went through item browser and didn't see much (more than normal) messed up text descriptions so I'm wondering now if this has more to do with having a 3 way romance and some mod that alters them. I hate romances... the only change I might have made might be a CDtweaks option that allows all races to I can get jaheira's harper pin...otherwise I ignore that stuff and don't have any romance specific mods installed I'm aware of.

    I'm going to try to go back a few saves and see if I can turn off the romances in global variables on EE Keeper. Perhaps that will stop the dialog from going screwy.

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