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Which party for this playthough?

GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,098
I'm in the process of downloading IWD again. Which party should I use?

The Holy Warriors

(1) Human Cavalier (Longsword, Shield)
Sir Godric
Str (18/26) Dex (18) Con (18) Int (9) Wis (14) Cha (18)

(2) Human Inquisitor (Greatsword)
Sir Osmond
Str (18/94) Dex (18) Con (18) Int (9) Wis (13) Cha (17)

(3) Human Undead Hunter (Axe and hammer dual wield)
Sir Godwyn
Str (18/07) Dex (18) Con (18) Int (10) Wis (13) Cha (18)

(4) Human Fighter dual classed to Cleric at lvl 3 (Flails)
Str (18/98) Dex (18) Con (16) Int (9) Wis (18) Cha (9)

(5) Human Swashbuckler Thief dual classed to Fighter at lvl 5 (bows)
Str (18) Dex (18) Con (16) Int (14) Wis (9) Cha (14)

(6) Human Skald (singing with some summons/debuffs)
Str (12) Dex (18) Con (16) Int (18) Wis (10) Cha (18)

Clan Anviltamer

(1) Dwarven Defender (axe, shield)
(2) Dwarven Defender (hammer, shield)
(3) Dwarven Berserker (greatsword)
(4) Dwarven Berserker (halberd)
(5) Dwarven Fighter Thief (Crossbow, upgraded to returning throwing axe/shield)
(6) Dwarven Fighter Cleric (sling, shield)

The Elven Expedition

(1) Elven Berserker (fighting trance rather than anger. Dual longswords)
Str (18/65) Dex (19) Con (17) Int (10) Wis (9) Cha (18)

(2) Elven Fighter/Mage (scimitar/shield)
Str (18/99) Dex (19) Con (17) Int (15) Wis (9) Cha (9)

(3) Elven Archer Ranger (Longbow)
Str (18/83) Dex (19) Con (17) Int (10) Wis (14) Cha (12)

(4) Elven Fighter/Thief (Shortbow)
Str (18/97) Dex (19) Con (17) Int (10) Wis (9) Cha (12)

(5) Elven Sorceress
Str (9) Dex (19) Con (16) Int (14) Wis (14) Cha (14)

(6) Elven Totemic Druid
Str (10) Dex (19) Con (16) Int (10) Wis (18) Cha (15)

The first one will probably be really powerful. Everyone lays down physical damage, and the skald enhances the entire party. The undead hunter can cut down ghouls/crush skeletons with ease.

The second one I've done before, but I'm a sucker for dwarves and it just feels awesome. I like having the front line with shields and the second line with reach weapons, with a third line of ranged weapons. It just feels organized.

The third party...I've never done an all elf party before. And having them go through Dorn's Deep upsets the dwarf in me. But it looks like fun. 2 melee up front, 2 ranged, 2 full casters.

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