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What if ....

FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
“What if … there were multiple Baldur’s Gate Universes” is a challenge I made for myself. As a Baldur’s gate player the last 20 years I found myself always doing the same things over and over. I(m not into roleplaying a videogame, although I play pen and paper role playing games very often. I’m always creating powerful characters with high stats in all important attributes and dumping points in less important attributes. I always take weapon proficiencies I know that give the best fighting chances later on. I always go for the best NPC’s I can find that suit my main character. I even chose my spells and thieving skills at character generation in function of Candlekeep (friends + open locks 65 give access to a lot of free valuables early on). Certain alignments give better familiars for mages in certain strategies. …

Then I found the random challenges here on this forum. Maybe this is what I need to play. So I made my first random party. Fruendithas Stoneheart – Male Cleric – Priest of Tyr Neutral Good Dwarf was born. His stats were rather meh … Str 15, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 6. He randomly chose to be proficient in Flail/morning star and single weapon style. His randomly chosen companions were Finch (gnome Cleric), Minsc (human ranger), Dynaheir (human invoker), Safana (human thief) and Xan (Elf Enchanter). Allthough this would never be the character and party I would ever have chosen myself, it was fun to play.

After Fruendithas I decided to try another one. Yllastina Dragonsbane – female Fighter/mage neutral evil half-elf (Str 17, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 9). The fun part was her party. Kagain (dwarf fighter), Viconia (drow elf cleric), Xzar (human necromancer), Montaron (Halfling assassin) and Garrick (human bard). I loved the interaction between Montaron, Kagain and Garrick. There is a moment where Kagain threatens to kill Garrick and Montaron interferes telling that he also tried to threaten him, but the fool doesn’t understand.

These were the things I seem to have missed during all my playthroughs so far. So in the spirit of random play, I decided to challenge myself to complete the game with all NPC’s. Since I have EET installed in recommended version, some new NPC’s have been added.

I randomly created my groups, but I added some rules.

First party is a cannon party with a human fighter as child of Bhaal. He will be with Khalid, Jaheira, Imoen, Minsc and Dynaheir. This party was not randomly created.
Cannon: Abdel Adrian Chaotic Good Male Human Fighter
Long Sword ** sword and shield **
Khalid; Jahiera; Minsc; Dynaheir; Imoen (duals at lvl 7)

The next groups are all randomly created. Only Imoen was used a second time, because I was one NPC short to created 6 full parties. 2 groups are good, 2 neutral and 2 evil. 3 main characters are male and 3 female. Weapons were randomly chosen. Once chosen as much proficiency points will be put in that weapon or style as possible, then a new one will be chosen. The only exception, if a style is randomly chosen without a matching weapon a reroll is done. So no two-handed style for a dagger-fighter. Thieving skills are randomly chosen by two rolls. These skills will be maxed to 90 first before a new skill is learned. The only exception is set trap. If this is learned points will be invested from level only until maxed, because EET only allows to set traps from level 6. Spells are NOT randomly rolled. I once tried this and it was not fun for me. Attributes are randomly rolled in a best of 10. The highest summation of all prime stats is kept.

Neutral: Corlynn Darkeyes - Lawful Neutral Female Half-Orc Cleric/Thief
10/15/12/13/15/11 (76)
Sling * Club *
Find Traps +20; pick pockets +20; Set Traps will be maxed after lvl6
Branwen; Xan; Faldorn; Alora; Dorn

Good: Horfire Woodsheart - Neutral Good Male Halfling Priest of Tyr
10/15/10/15/17/11 (78)
War Hammer * Club *
Gavin; Yeslick; Coran; Valerie; Garrick

Evil: Jankahn Chandler - Lawful Evil Female Human Priest of Helm
17/11/15/16/18/11 (88)
War Hammer * Quarterstaff *
Viconia; Eldoth; Skie; Shar-Teel; Safana

Good: Breaga Silvershaper - Female Chaotic Gnome Cleric/Illusionist
13/18/11/15/15/10 (82)
Flail/Morning Star * Club *
Kivan (Deheriana); Isra; Ajantis; Finch; Imoen (duals at lvl 7)

Evil: Corlove Armorsmith - Lawful Evil Male Half-Orc Thief
15/18/11/9/17/9 (79)
Dart * Dagger *
Detect Illusion +20; Move Silently +20; Set Traps will be maxed after lvl6
Baeloth; Edwin; Kagain; Xzar; Montaron

Neutral: Iriekain Carter - Lawful Neutral Male Half-Elf Fighter/Mage/Thief
14/17/11/14/6/16 (78)
Short bow ** Mace **
Move Silently +20 detect Illusions +20
Quayle; Neera; Tiax; Rasaad; Imoen

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  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
    First run with Corlynn Darkeyes, Lawful Neutral Female Half-Orc Cleric/Thief

    Corlynn Darkeyes, did the basic jobs in Candlekeep. The lack of strength means she has a problem to use any kind of shield heavier than a small shield. Leather armour seemed to be a better option than studded leather due to load capacity. Corlynn gathered 460 gold, 2 potions of healing, helmet, small shield, club, sling, 3 sets of bullets and 564 experience in Candlekeep.

    With Branwen; Xan; Faldorn; Alora and Dorn as possible allies a first stop at the FAI, followed by a trip to the nashkel carnival and mines seems to be the best route to gather 2 allies (Dorn and Branwen). Xan and Faldorn will be recruited as the main quest proceeds and Alora will be at the hall of wonders (since the recommended setup of EET didn’t move Alora to Gullykin).

    The normal things were done, the diamond and Gorion’s body, the ring of protection and the ring of wizardry. Tarnesh was passed with two sanctuary spells. Solo with only 7 hitpoints on insane against Tarnish would be suicidal. After a chat with Dorn, the road continued to Beregost were a necklace was found, Marl was calmed and a book was given to Firebead. The road continued further south skipping all encounters. Only the bloodstone amulet was retrieved and a ring of charisma was received from Lord Foreshadow. After finding the Ankheg armour and tolerating Noober Corlynn levelled up, gaining 3 hitpoints, 15 points in find traps and 10 in pick pockets. A scroll was bought at the temple to return Branwen from stone to Flesh and so the first henchman was able to join. After equiping Branwen with the Ankheg armour, a bought war hammer, medium shield, sling and bullets, she started to look like a tank next to Corlynn.

    The Senjak ambush went well. While Branwen charged the two archers, Command spells from Branwen and Corlynn were enough to finish them. (invincible) Dorn killed Senyak and Dorotea. The small shield +1 was an improvement for Corlynn. Since the party was bigger now and carry capacity was less important, she also switched to studded leather, bringing her AC to 3 from 5. Dorn equipped the ankheg armour and Branwen a looted plate mail. The fight also made Corlynn level up, giving her one additional priest spell and 1 extra hit point. The group rested at the carnival until fully healed.

    Next stop nashkel mines. A wand of frost was retrieved from a tree and a dagger was returned to a miner. The group reached the end of the 2nd level of the mines, but then Branwen got killed by multiple arrow shots in one round. A tactical retreat was needed after Dorn killed the remaining kobolds. The second try at the mines lead the group deep into the 2nd level. Some traps were disarmed and some kobolds killed. All went well until they met a Ghoul. Dorn managed to badly wound the creature, but he fell before he could finish the job. A second tactical retreat was needed. While back in Nashkel the group returned a ring to Joseph’s wife. This act made Dorn level, giving him 6 hitpoints and -1 thaco. The next try took the group to the inner sanctum. After killing two huge spiders Branwen levelled, giving her 6 additional hitpoints and 3 level 2 spells. Before continuing the group returned outside the mines to rest and relearn spells. The inner sanctum went rather easy. Hold person helped on the summoned kobolds. Mulahey was commaned and beaten to death and Xan was saved. Branwen equipped the ring of holiness, Corlynn the Boots of Grounding and xan was instantly boosted with the ring of wizardry, Gorion’s cloak and his own moonblade. On the way back to town, the group took a nap at the Carnival. The major paid some gold and gave the advice to return some tainted ore and vials back to Beregost.

    On the way to Beregost, some hobgoblins who stole boots and some ogrillons who killed a messenger were slain. The letter, boots and bloodstone amulet were returned and the thief who wanted his boots back, was killed. Delivering the tainted ore to the blacksmith made Corlynn level up, gaining 1 hitpoint, 15 extra points in pick pockets and 10 in remove traps. Some throwing daggers and a sling+1 were bought. Algernon's Cloak was stolen. Delivering the vials to Thalantyr made Xan level up, giving him access to level 2 spells and 4 extra hitpoints. While there, hold person and ray of enfeeblement were bought for Xan. The group went back to the Friendly arms inn and easily killed Tarnesh. In the Temple of Wisdom, a potion of genius was bought and Xan tried to learn some new spells. Burning hands, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, infravision, sleep, identify, armor and chill touch were added to his spellbook, next to the charm person, protection from evil and color spray he already knew.

    With Corlynn at level 2/3 and 12 hitpoints, Dorn level 2 and 16 hitpoints, Branwen level 3 and 23 hitpoints and Xan level 3 and 11 hitpoints, it is a good moment to stop this run for today. So far no reloads were needed.

  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
    Part 2: The group returned to Beregost. Karlat and Silke were easily killed, which made Dorn level (+7hp and a free weapon proficiency). A random roll gave Dorn proficiency in long swords. Afterwards man who was transformed to slime was returned to his former self. After killing Tranzig, Corlynn levelled up, giving her access to lvl 2 spells and 2 additional hitpoints. On the way to the bandit camp some hobgoblins next to the Friendly Arms Inn were killed and a ring was returned. The group reached the bandit camp and tried to do a covert mission, killing the bandits one by one with the aid of commands, hold persons and sleep spells. But once Dorn fell, Xan and Corlynn were quick to follow him.

  • ZeltArruinZeltArruin Member Posts: 10
    Fun read so far, how's it feel to play so differently to your norm? I play pretty similar to your normal style with thought out routing and very 'powerful' characters.

  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
    There are a lot of differences. The rather low stats on the main character change the game experience in a way that my main character is not dominating the field, like most I play do. Thief/cleric is a class I never played in a party. Only in an insane solo poverty run.

    Normally I pack my full party with bows as much as possible. The amount of attacks you can generate this was outmatch most other strategies in BG1.

    The use of Xan is pretty hard as only wizard. Direct damage is my normal way to go, no I have a group with three disablers. Xan and 2 priests.

    Although I knew it was a bad idea to go for an attack on the bandit camp so early, the fact that I can get the next NPC only after completing the bandit camp and the other after the mines, forced me to do some errors.

    Chosing thievings skills and weapons randomly forces me to do things a bit different as usual. Especially since I want to do this in a minimal reload way. (only if the main character dies or if an NPC is permanent killed)

    So far the interaction between Xan, Branwen and the main character is ok. Dorn doesn’t get a lot of interaction. I guess this is due to the fact that I use BG EET which uses banter mods for the standard NPC’s, but less for the new BGEE NPC’s.

    Since tackling the bandit camp is no option at this moment. And I don’t want to do it the speedrun way, where you simply grab the documents and run. I’m thinking about a good road to go.

  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
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    After they found the bandit camp and observing the vast army the bandits had gathers, the group decided to travel back to a safer location, with the opportunity to buy better equipment.

    At the high hedge three gnolls were killed with ranged attacks, melee from dorn, sleep spell from Xan and command from Corlynn. A talking chicken was saved at the red canyons from a wolf. Basillus was easy killed with hold persons from Corlynn and Branwen, while Dorn used Absorb health before melee combat. Branwen received Ashideena +2, one of the best war hammers. The chicken was returned to Thalatyr and while the group was helping to find a skull, they got attacked by a group of 5 wild dogs. Lucky Xan had a sleep spell left. The second encounter with three skeletons was also over very fast. Dorn with his sword in combination with branwen with Ashideena under cover by throwing daggers from Xan and sling bullets from Corlynn seem to work well on these kind of encounters. (although the rough combat statistics tell me something different: Dorn 64% of the kills, Corlynn 21%, Branwen 10% and Xan 2%)

    Returning the chicken to his human form gave Branwen enough experience to level. +8 hitpoints, one extra command spell and a chant spell and proficiency in weapon and shield (randomly rolled), will help her and the group a lot. After taking a nap in Beregost, returning the sword to Purdue and a holy symbol to the temple, the group had some money to spend in the blacksmith. All the money was spend on meraera’s dagger, a +2 boomerang dagger sold at fuiruim.

    On the way to the ancient ruins, the group killed three zombies with ease, so that Brage could be brought back to the temple. Also in Nashkell an escaped baby wyvern was killed and the accusation from its owner was countered. Some babysitting was done and a warm place for noober was found. Near the Nashkell mines Greywolf was killed to safe a sculptor.

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  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
    Next to a small fishing village 4 bandit archers were easy killed with a sleep spell and a command spell. A bowl was retrieved for a young priestess and a reanimated husband was slain. North of the priestess house a first Ankheg was slain. While fighting a group of zombies in a farm, Dorn suddenly got overwhelmed (seems like a mod added more zombies). After killing the entire infestation, Xan and Corlynn levelled up. Xan gained 1 extra hitpoint, a lvl1 and lvl2 spell, while Corlynn got 2 extra hitpoints and her pick pockets/find traps both to 70%. Dorn got resurrected at the FAI temple and his equipment git retrieved.

    On the way back the group entered the ankheg cave. Doll levelled (+10 hitpoints) after killing three Ankheg. The body of Brun’s son was returned. After some charity, they received a cloak of protection from a man called Wilton. Now that Xan identified the wand as a wand of fire, it was time for a return to the bandit camp.

    Ardenor Crush from the chill got enfeebled, while his bodyguard were rest to sleep. This made Corlynn level up, giving her an extra level 1 and level 2 spell, proficiency in flails and 2 hitpoints. Khosan got held. An invisible Corlynn (sanctuary) in combination with some fireballs from Xan, thinned the archers. Dorn equipped Khosann’s full plate and Branwen the Ankheg armor and a medium shield +1, giving them both a negative AC. After cleaning the small tents, only the leader tent was left. Upon entering with a chant spell cast by Branwen. Raemoin and Britik got held before they were able to do anything. Venkt the mage was easy killed with melee and Hakt the archer also got held.

    The group decided to return to beregost to sell some of the loot. A second trip back to the bandit camp will be needed to return what was left behind. Dorn equipped the legacy of master.

  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
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    After a second trip to the bandit camp to loot all the chests and sacks, the group went to cloackwood. A group of tasloi was easy killed with two sleep spells and a cloak of non-detection was found. This fight also made Branwen level up, resulting in 7 extra hitpoints, a level 2 and level 3 spell. Due to the ring of holiness, this became TWO third level spells, dispel magic and glyph of warding. The group also easily killed a group of worgs and a dread wolf. Double hold person and a sleep spell easily dispatched a group of druids attacking some hunters. Branwen equipped the druid ring found on the leader.

    Coran who was standing on a bridge was ignored and a second groupd of tailoi got crushed. The first 4 huge spiders and their trap was dispatched after talking to a man searching for his brother. So many spiders and no potions of antidote could become a problem. A group of 5 ettercaps was killed with the help of the wand of frost in combination with melee and ranged attacks. Corlynn was able to remove their four traps. A sword spider ignored Branwen and Dorn and rushed straight to Xan dealing him 11 damage, resulting in 1/12 hitpoints left. Branwen used a chant and the group entered the spider nest. Xan did remind me how bad this idea was. A sword spider and giant spider were lured outside and killed. Nevertheless the giant spider was able to cast a web, entrapping Corlynn. The same strategy was used to lure a phase spider and another giant spider outside. The ise blasts from ceteol’s wand were dodged and when she ran out of charges, she was killed by ranged weapons. The rest of the nest was cleaned with some fireballs. The loot was good enough to give Dorn a better sword, spidersbane +2 and the experience made him level (+8hp). With 41 hitpoints, Thaco 9, AC -2 and 15-24 damage, Dorn starts to look like a decent tank. After returning the body of a boy to his brother, which made Corlynn level (+2 hp, pick pockets 80% and find traps 85%), the group continued the road deeper into the forest.

    The group was again attacked by a dread wolf, which was killed. This fight made the group tired and they had to rest. Looks like some spiders followed them and they were awaken during the night. The fight made Xan level (+4 hp and +2 lvl 1 and 2 lvl 3 spell). The second try to rest resulted in an attack by 10 tasloi ( and no sleep spells left). Xan was dealt 14 damage, lucky he had just levelled. After taking a healing potion, Xan was deal another 10 damage, before I noticed AI had swapped Xan from ranged attacks with his boomerang dagger to melee with his moon sword. The third try to rest was more successful.

    After explaining some shadow druids that the group was there to hunt bandits, they met Faldorn, who joined them. This fact alone made her level and she randomly chose to learn to fight with spears next to her club. Branwen switched to chain mail +1 and Faldorn used the Ankheg armor and the cloak of protection +1. The shadow archdruid asked the group to return to him after destroying the mines. Another druid warned the group about a man named Peter from the North. This guy was training wyverns. The first wyvern was killed after dealing 16 and 18 damage to Branwen. Peter himself didn’t stand a real chance, but he was able to harm Dorn for 20 damage. The last baby wyvern also managed to deal 20 damage to Dorn. A messenger was saved and the man gave Corlynn an egg. After killing 5 more huge spiders and ignoring the wyvern cave, the group reach the cloakwood mines.

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  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
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    The group had to rest to approach the mines under the cover of night. The first guard was killed, but he managed to badly cut Faldorn (24 damage). The second guard wasn’t able to hit anyone.

    Three fireballs were thrown at the defenders of the courtyard, killing two of them. The beserker charged outside but he ran on another fireball and a glyph of warding. A summoned dread wolf slowed him down, so the group could kill him. Dorn quickly equipped the boots of speed. Genthore was triple held and killed by Dorn. Branwen equipped his plate mail +1.

    After killing some more guards outside and those on the first level of the mines, the group agreed with a miner to try to flood the mines. On the second floor some more guards were killed and two ghasts in a secret passage. The guards of a mage called hareishan were killed with a fireball, while the mage himself was held after his minor globe stopped working.

    Upon entering lvl 3 of the mines, I’ll end this run for today.
    Kills so far: Dorn 63%; Xan 14%; Branwen 9%; Corlynn 12%; Faldorn 0%

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  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
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    The seven guards guarding the entrance to the next floor were killed after a sleep spell. The NW and SE hobgoblins were killed in a similar fashion. A magical small shield was found in the armoury, but nobody was able to use it. A temple dedicated to Cyric was looted, but a mage called Natasha and an Ogre mage were left alone. While running low on spells the group had to hack-and-slash their way through three room with hobgoblins to reach the next level.

    The first guard was commanded and beaten to death. A secret passage was found and four traps removed. After drinking some healing potions the group entered the inner sanctum of the mine. The leader was very powerful. Dodging his spells by fleeing to the other level was the only way to survive this fight. Xan found some bracers AC6 and an ioun stone of protection from cold that he could equip. The fight also made faldorn level up (+6 hp and 1 lvl3 spell). A mustard Jelly protecting the treasure room was killed and the room was looted.

    On the way back to the arch shadow druid the group got attacked by worgs, which were no real problem. The archdruid reward Faldorn with a magical shield as a reward and she was given permission to follow the group to baldur’s gate. On the way back to Beregost the group got attacked by huge spiders and by ettercaps, but both were outrun.

    After a good night of sleep, some minor magical items and a robe of the sold archmage were sold. With that money the group bought a helmet of protection from charm for Dorn, shadow armor and a masterbelt for Corlynn, the weary cludgel for faldorn. At Thalantyr a bag of holding and a potion case were bought. The mage also learned the group that they were carrying a wraith spider egg with them.

    A potion of Genius was bought at the FAI Temple and Xan learned: knock, glitterdust, friends, blindness, dire charm, mirror image, ghost armor, protection from petrification, spell thrust, horror, ghoul touch, haste, dispel magic, grease, llarloch's minor drain, contagion, detect invisibility, knock and shocking grasp but he failed to learn flame Arrow and blur This made Corlynn level up (+1 hp and a lvl2 and 3 spell).

    Next stop: Baldur’s gate.
    Comment: 2 reloads were needed at the bottom of the cloackwood mines. So 3 so far in this run.

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  • FaazazelFaazazel Member Posts: 29
    Upon entering baldur’s gate, the group was contacted by Scar to investigate the seven suns. After a short conversation with Elminster the group was hired by a gnome named Brevlik to steal something from the hall of wonders. Brathlen gave a short tour in the Hall of Wonders and gave some information about the protection. While waiting outside for darkness to fall, the group got contacted by a young boy named varci. A priest he knew wanted Corlynn to retrieve a body from Water-Queen's House near the docks. While walking towards the docks something strange happened. Xan said he believed we could win, this was a first time after all his “we are doomed”.

    After a small conversation with a priestess named Tenya, who was helped before by Corlynn, the body was given for free. Once returned the young buy was resurrected and a lesson was learned. The shield of the falling stars looked like a nice thing to have, but nobody was able to use it. That night during the robbery of the Hall of Wonders, a halfling thief was met. After working together, she decided to join Corlynn. She was equipped with the master belt. The stolen museum relic was given to the employer. This experience made Branwen level up (+6hp and a lvl3 spell). After selling some other loot at the high hedge, a red ioun stine was bought to give Alora, the halfling 20 dexterity. In Beregost smithy, a dagger of defiance, a short bow +1 and leather armor +1 were bought.

    The choice now is continue with the main story or first do all sidequests.

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