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Switching quest and event related party members

Rather confusing title for the topic, but I have no better idea.
I am playing BG:EE, and since I usually like to play around with the party, and in a worst case leave #6 slot open to change in various people, I came up with an amusing but a bit complicated idea.

Idea revolves around having various companions in the party, during events and quests that are related to them. Even better if they have in-game dialogue for the concrete events. Like taking Xan, Montaron, Khalin and Jaheira on a run through Nashkel mines, because they ask you to take them there in the first place. Having Brenwen in the party when you encounter Tranzig in the Feldepost Inn, since it was Tranzig who petrified her in the first place. Having Kivan when you go on a run through a bandit camp, since that is his quest, or having Shar-Teel in the party when you encounter Angelo Dosan. Obviously I can't remember, or even know all of situations like this, so any more ideas. It would be fun to write it down as a some kind of a walk-through as to how and when to switch party members for the maximum effect.

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